Welcome to Navi

Welcome to Navi!

Below please find information about how our Navi class will be run.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments at bmenashe@sha613.org

What the class will look like:

  1. Gather informationThis will be done by reading the pesukim(sentences) and translating them.  It is the first step of understanding, and mainly a fact finding mission.
  2. Ponder  – Once we have the facts it is important to make sure that we really understand them.  What is the sequence of events?  Does it make sense, factually?  Could you say it over in your own words?
  3. AskNow that we have a clear story and picture of what is going on, the students will record any questions that they may have.  Is something about this story odd?  Is some of the wording unusual?  Do we need to investigate deeper to understand the motivation behinds someone’s actions? 
  4.  ConsiderOnce the students have compiled their list of questions can they look back and reflect, wonder or consider any possible answers to those very questions.  (This is a hard one, especially at first!  After all, if they had the answer why would they have asked the question in the first place!  However, with time, I think that they will see that they can ask the question, because it is a good question and still have a possible answer to that question.)
  5.  Commentaries – Once we have shared, as a group our questions and discussed possible answers, I will introduce, when relevant,  the views, comments and commentary of various meforshim (commentators.)
  6. ConnectionsNow that we have the facts of the section, we understand what is going on, we have investigated, and hopefully answered any questions we may have, can we find derive any principles and or lessons that can be applied to our own lives? 

Participation and Behavior:

I expect all classroom behavior to be in line with SHA standards.  Everyone should participate in classroom discussions and is responsible for all material that we cover in class.  This includes keeping track of any handouts and taking notes in class.


Homework needs to be completed in a neat and timely fashion.


We will have several short quizzes during each trimester.  Students will be told about quizzes beforehand.  Quizzes are ‘open notes.’


All tests will come with advance warning as well as an email reminder.  Tests are not ‘open notes.’  Tests will cover a larger amount of material that has been covered in class.  There will be one or two each trimester.


I want your child to succeed!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have at anytime during the school year.