Homework for September 29th

I’m going to hold off on parshat re’eh till after the chagim but give you Thursday as the deadline to turn in missed work.  I’m missing homework from a lot of you.  If you turn it in by Thursday, I’ll give you credit minus one point for lateness.  Please do turn it in though.


Thank you.



Homework for Thursday September 22nd

Read Parshat Ekev

Summarize in your notes

Find one question

Find two answers to this question in the commentaries- use either your mikraot gedolot or sefaria.org

Produce a source sheet with:


I. The pasuk that led to your question

II.  The question

III.  The two answers- these answers need to come from two specific and well known commentators.   Make sure to name the source- do not qoute “torah.org” or “chabad.org”  qoute rashi, ramban, even ezra, Rav Hirsch etc… Preferably these sources are from your chumash mikraot gedolot or sefaria.org

IV.  Add your own opinion-which commentator best answered your question? share your own opinion


Dear class,

Welcome to 8th Grade Chumash- Sefer Devarim.  I’m looking forward to learning with you this year!  I’m going to use this blog to help you keep track of source sheets and vocab sheets.  I will continue to print them out for you to use during class, but if you miss  class or lose  a copy you should be able to find it here.

Happy learning!

Thank you.


Shoshanah Haberman