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Readers journal 27

I am reading Escape By Allan Zullo. In this book I read a story about a girl in the Holocaust. She would not want to let go of her family not one bit but she lost her two brothers and her father. It’s just her and her mom and her youngest brother living and trying to survive. A few weeks pass and she lost her brother she felt like her hart was crushed. Things went well for a bit they thought the war seemed to settle down. Randomly they get a knock on their door. It was man ready to kill them. He pointed his gun to the daughter and the mom ran to save her and she died. The girl screamed at the men and said she will haunt them forever and they will be cursed for the rest of their lives. The girl survived and lived with a new family.

Readers Journal 26

I am reading Escape by Allan Zullo. In this book there are many different stories about children Holocaust survivors. I chose one of the stories because it represents bravery. The story starts off with a kid named David Wolkowitz he lives in an orphanage. One day he looked out the window and saw that the Nazis were coming. He freaked out and left right away. He ran faster without being scared of becoming hungry. Sometimes he would lie and say he is not Jewish and he would get food.

That shows a ton of bravery and courage, which are big themes of the story.



Tropical climates

Tropical Climates

Passover music video answers

1. In this music video there are five mini songs.
2. They are showing moshes and the jews throughout the time.
3. My favorite part of the video is when pharo brings out the gold and the cole.
4. I would share this when we remember when we were slaves.

Readers Journal 23

I am reading Its Raining Pigs and Noodles by Jack Prelutsky and drawings by James Stevenson.
In this book there are a big selection of poems. I am going to use setting to explain some parts of the different poems. The first poem is Why do I Have to Clean my Room. In this poem a boy does not want to clean his room and his room has crayons on the floor, cake and cookie crumbs, pizza in a corner, gravy on a chair, stacks of old underwear. But he still does not want to clean his room.
The second one is I Have a Pet Tomato. It is about a boy and his friends and how he has a pet tomato with no stem and his friends have asparagus and all sorts of amazing veggies but he still has a boring tomato with no stem at all.

Readers Journal 22

I just finished Bad Luck by pseudonymous bosch,
in this book Clay and his friends figure out that the boy who got washed up on shore got pushed off his fathers cruse ship. His dad pushed him off the ship because he thought he could swim.
The boys name is Brett Jr he likes to be treated like a king he always has a bow tie and suspenders. He says “its his look”.

Readers Journal 21

I am reading Bad Luck the second book of Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosch.
In the book it continues about Clay in price island at camp. But there is a new character Brett I will talk about him later. Anyways it starts off with clay playing capture the flag with his bunk against the a girls bunk and the girls win by playing a trick on Clay and his bunk-mates. After that the girls got awesome dessert and the boys did not get awesome dessert they got gross dessert.

Readers Journal 20

I am still reading House Of Robots By James Patterson.
In this book Samuel, Trip and all the robots found E but the problem is that E is all broken up in pieces in a box. Samuel and trip ran with the box all the way to his moms workshop to see if she could fix E. But for now Samuel has to ride on his bike to school but without E, Eat without E and learning without E.