Readers journal 28

Dear readers,

I started the secret language of sisters. Which is about two sisters and one of them gets into a car accident and she goes to the hospital. She is speaking fine until all of the sudden she starts shaking then her eyes are open but shes just laying in the same position. The other sister is telling the story she explains how the room is a little scary with tubes and machines everywhere but she still believes that her sister can see and hear everything.

Whale watching 2016

I really enjoyed whale watching and it was such an amazing experience! I learned so much about the different types of killer whales and how they look about the same but there DNA is very different. My favorite thing was when the whale jumped out of the water! I was a little sick at first but after i got used to the water it was so nice. I wonder if the whales mind all the boats surrounding it? I think it was important that we went it was great for us to have a fun trip that we could experience together! I loved it?  


Dear readers,

I am still reading The one an only Ivan. I really like the book i think the author gives a good mesage. ivan takes good care of ruby well she is going through hard times. I really enjoy reading about these sad but joyfull charicters. 


Dear readers,

I started the book the one and only Ivan! Its a good book so far. For those who don’t know its about a mall that has animals in cages. The book is from the gorillas point of view. This week i will be explaining what the author in trying to teach me. I think that the author is trying to teach me that it is not right to put animals is small cages by them self with not much to do.?Especially in malls where its noisy and there are lots of people and kids knocking on the case. I agree with this i don’t think its right to take animals out of there territory and put them in a place like a mall. At least at the zoo they are in big cages with other animals and have room to get away from the people. 
























Bright water Center

Dear readers,

Today I went to a water wast treatment plant and i am going to answer some questions about it.

What is something that you have have learned?: I learned how they take out all the things that we put in our water. Like, Shampoo, toilet paper, etc.

What is something you will change?: I will be more mindful when I put things down the drain.

What do you still wonder?: I wonder why paper towels cant go down the drain and toilet paper can.

What have we still not figured out?: We still haven’t figured out how to get the tiny bits of medicine that people put down the drain.    


I just finished reading the war that saved my life,

It turns out that Susen came back for the kids. But when they went back home the house had been bome. People stood around the house wondering where they where but in the end they where okay.


Dear readers i am reading the war that saved my life,

…They are the only ones left waiting for someone to take them. Until the person who was on the train got them in the car and brought them to a lady with a pony to take care of the kids till the war was over. She took care of them and started teaching them things like, sewing, reading, knighting, etc.