Reader journal #28

Dear readers,

In Mango shaped space Mia best friend Jenna never knew about her having synesthesia. When she figures it out she gets very mad because she never knew all these years. Jenna says, “I can’t believe you hid this from me for all these years”. Then Mia says, “but nobody knows… I kept it from everybody. Although Mia did tell Jenna how when she sees her name she sees lavender, but Jenna probably didn’t understand. I feel bad for Mia because I think it’s not a big deal and Jenna is being very rude and shutting Mia out.



Whale watching 2016

When we went whale watching my favorite part was seeing the killer whales. I have never seen a killer whale in real life! One thing I’ve learned about the Puget sounds it that there are lots of animals. Also there are lots of islands in the Sand Wau area. I love killer whales but I do feel bad for the porpoise because they are so adorable and they don’t deserve to get killed. A question that I raise is why is it that killer whales are at risk of being endangered but they kill everything why is this? Going on this whale watching trip was amazing because I got to bond with my classmates on a boat. Also It is very fun to see whales in there habitat. Also this trip taught me a lot about the Puget sound.

Reader journal #27

Dear readers,

In A Mango shaped space the main character Mia is going to the doctor because of how she sees different colors in numbers, words and objects. When she was in 3rd grade her teacher said to the students they can’t  use the colored chalk but since she sees different colors she used it and got in bug trouble. Since then she has been seeing different color than other people. I think the theme of the book is finding out who you are. Her parents have talk with her because her math grades are low. Mia’s Mom says “is this whole story a joke to justify your difficulty with math. Because it wasn’t funny in third grade and it’s not funny now”. The book is about finding out who you are mainly because her parents don’t know and from a doctor she really finds out who she is.


Reader journal #26

Dear readers

In A Mango shaped space the main character Mia Winchell sees different color for different numbers, letters and object when she sees stuff she describes it with a very clear shade of color. She says “the roaring sounds instantly fills my vision with brown streaks and slashes”.  I think Mia when sees anything it is that descriptive as what she just said about her sister hair.

Reader journal #25

Dear readers,

In wake up missing the four main character find out that there robots and not humans. I think the message of the book is that you don’t really know how you are until you find out.  This means that the four characters in the book who found out they were robots really investigated into there health problems. I also think the book teaches that you need to know how you are.

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