Readers Journal 28

I am reading the book, The Secret Language of Sisters by Julliane Rice. I chose the quote, “I know Tilly understands me, more than anyone else,” this book has a sad theme and I myself feel trapped when I am reading Roo’s section. I feel so bad for her and will never text while I drive. I wonder if she will ever feel free again?

Thanks for reading!

Whale Watching 2016

Q: What was your favorite thing about whale watching?

A: Whale watching was an amazing experience and I loved that our class hung our together and it was an amzing bonding experience.

Q:What is something new that you learned about Puget sound?

A: I learned just how big puget sound is and how the animals interact there.

Q:How did it make you feel to be on the water, watching the killer whales chase down the porpoises?

A: It made me overwhelmed just to feel the danger of how big the ocean is and how easily an animal could die.

Q: What questions did this trip raise for you about whales, oceans or nature in general?

A: I now want to know more about whales in general

Q: What is the value/ importance of 6th graders taking a boat trip just to watch whales?

A: It is an amazing bonding experience and so cool to watch

Whale watching was amazing!!!

Readers Journal 27

I am still reading the book The Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice. I chose the quote, “I need Tilly. I need her and she is the only one who can understand me.” Roo is in her hospital bed and she can not talk but she knows that Tilly will understand her even without words. Its like one sisterly bond. I wonder how it will continue?

Thanks for reading!

Readers Journal 26

I am reading the Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice. I chose the quote, “The last words I heard from him were “See you later” and  I never heard another word from him again. He was gone.” This shows the book is sad and it sets a depressing tone. So many bad things keep happening and Tilly is overwhelmed. I would be so sad if my dad dies and my sister was paralyzed. I wonder what will happen next!

Thanks for reading!!

Readers Journal 25

I am reading Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway. I chose the quote,”An earthquake would have been better. At least in an earthquake you understand why you’re shaking.” I just got to the part that Oliver comes back. She is shaking because she is overwhelmed and doesn’t understand. I really wonder if she’ll get to talk to him.

Thanks for reading!