Vayikra 23- Rosh Hashana Questions

  1.  Why does it say that it should be solemn? I get when we are blowing the Shofar we have to be quiet, but all in all, I’d say Rosh Hashana is a happy holiday.
  2. What about servant working? It clearly states that “Thou shall do no servile work”. What if I ask my butler to wash my clothes?
  3. It seems that the mention of Rosh Hashana is kind of fleeting. It then goes right into Yom Kippur? What is up with that?
  4. Why specifically call out that not working on holidays has been a “Statue in your dwelling for many years”? WHY INCLUDE THAT?????



RJ 28 (Messed up numbering.)

Buenos Dias or Noches,

THIS MAY BE MY LAST WEEK! YAYYY! SO THIS WEEK I WILL WRITE ABOUT Guys Read: True Stories. It is so good! Everyone should read it! My favorite story is the one called Hugh Glass: Dead Man Crawling by Nathan Hale. It is so good. It is a comic story, and a great one as well. I am going to describe the best and most nasty parts. Just imagine a completely true Revenant comic book. Because this story is the Revenant. It is about Hugh Glass. Here are some good juicy parts.

  1. Hugh gets in a fight with a bear. The bear not only rakes Hugh’s back, but also his face. It shows Hugh nearly dead, laying with his face bleeding, claw marks over his eye. He moans. Leaves fall around him. Blood falls and pools around his head.
  2. Another one is Hugh eating a snake. He hits the snake with a rock in the head. Hugh then eats the whole snake. He eats it raw, with the skin on.
  3. He literally crawls to the fort that he eventually ends up at. CRAWLS. WITH A BANDAGED ARM, FACE, AND HEAD. HE CRAWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty Crazy huh? Yeah! Well I’ll see you all soon,


Whale Watching!

We went whale watching on Wednesday! We left at 7:15 in the morning and got back at 6:30. It was so fun. We played cards, hung out, read and just in general chilled. Best part, we saw 3 whales eat a porpoise!  It was INSANE!!!  Here are some questions my science teacher had for me.

What was your favorite thing about whale watching?

My favorite thing was probably leading up to seeing the whales. You could barely see the whales and everyone was coming out onto the deck. People with binoculars were passing them around. Everyone was straining to see a whale, and when someone saw it, everyone would scream like they were on fire.

What is something new that you learned?

I learned that all whales can be identified by their “Saddle Bags” or white spots behind their dorsal fin. They named some of the local pod and can identify them. For example, in J-Pod, Granny, Samish, Slick and Oreo.

How did it make you feel to be on the water, watching the killer whales chase down the porpoises?

I love nature violence! It demonstrates the food chain. Also, it showed how whales capture their prey naturally, and shows how they live naturally.

What questions did this trip raise for you about whales, oceans or nature in general?

Um… whale, I can’t think of any questions.

What is the value/ importance of 6th graders taking a boat trip just to watch whales? (Why should we even bother!?)

it shows you what whales are like in their natural habitat and how they act. How they hunt, how they act, how they swim, how they are in the ocean.