Readers Journal-27

Im reading I funny. The setting i would like to talk about is his school. Jamie’s school is very important  to this story. He meets all his friends at school and he sees all his classmates. He even gets bullied at his school. A lot of jamies life takes place at school.

What would you do?

What would you do if you saw someone stealing from a store at the mall? When he ran out he said don’t tell the cops were I went or I will find you and kill you. As he ran in a different store. The police came up to me and said do you know where the guy with the bags went. What was I supposed to say?

Personally I would say I saw him go in that store but also tell the cops he told me he would kill me if I told you where he went.

Judah said, “I would tell the police because where he is because the police are right next to me, so he can’t hurt me. I would tell the police what he said to me.

Avi said, “I would tell them because if he got away I would feel bad. I would never lie to the police officers and I know they would get the man”.

Lulu said, “I would tell them where he went”

Avi, Lulu and Judah all said they would tell the police officers where the man went and I agree with this choose. If the police ask you a question and you know the answer you should tell them the answer know matter what. You should never lie to the cops.

Evan that this situation would be scary it seems people would tell the police officers anyway.

What would you do?

Readers Journal-17

I’m reading The Berlin Boxing Club. This book takes place in Berlin. Karl is starting to notice that people aren’t being so nice to him. he finds out because he is Jewish. One day Karl is walking around his school and he see’s these three big guys. Karl tries to walk away but they start to mess with him. Karl isn’t a good fighter he is skinny and tall. The narrator tells us  “The word ‘fight’ stung my ears almost as badly as the word ‘Jew'” (pg. 10).  Another really important element is the year 1934, this year is important because it is right before World War II started.  In this time period, Hitler was scapegoated the Jews. Karl gets beat up by these three kids because he’s Jewish and he will never forget it.

Readers Journal-11

There was a lot of conflict in Who was Milton Hershey. Hershey was trying to find the best candy for his customers. When Hershey was trying to sell candy there were times when he didn’t have many sales. For a business man he tried to figure out what his costumers like. So finally he decided to take a huge risk and sell chocolate. the conflict was was him vs. his costumers. I think Hershey won. by making this risk he got a lot of money and fame.

Readers Journal-12

The setting of Treasure Hunters is on a boat. The boat is the place where Bick lost his dad. In the ocean there was a big storm and Bick’s dad told him to go downstairs. When the storm stopped Bick yelled to his siblings and dad, but only the siblings answered. Patterson writes, “In our hearts, we both knew that Dad was gone” (pg. 13). I think the boat is a big part of this story so far because Bick lost his dad standing on it. This feeling of loss on the boat will stay with Bick forever.


Panthera Tigris

• Kingdom: Animalias
• Phylum: Chordata
• Class: Mammalia
• Order: Carnivora
• Family: Felidae
• Ambar Deer
• Wild Pigs
• Water Buffalo
• Antelope

• Tropical rainforests
• evergreen
• forests
• temperate forests
• mangrove
• swamps
• grasslands
• savannas
Interesting Facts
• Life span: 10 to 15 years
• They are one of the biggest tigers.
• Tigers have camouflage fur to help them when catching prey.
• Their Reduced size is an adaptations to the thick forests and slighter prey in their habitat
• They also have dark fur.