Readers Journal-5

I am in in the middle of I Even Funnier. The particular location in my book is an auditorium in Boston. Jamie is on to the Regionals for Funniest Kid Comic. In the first round of the Regionals Jamie comes in sixth and the top six contestants make it to the second round. In the second round Jamie decides to take some risks; he uses jokes he’s never used before. Jamie is so funny in the second round his friend Gaynor says, “They were funny. But, not Jamie Grimm funny” (pg.192). Jamie is afraid of losing to other great comedians such as Little Willy and Judy. They announce that Little Willy came in third, Judy came in second and that means Jamie won! I think Jamie will have many memories in this auditorium because he won the Regionals there.

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  1. I can tell you are thinking about setting. Next time, please include a passage from the text to show you can identify setting in the novel you are reading. Also, let me know what you think: how does the setting affect the characters and action in the novel; what would you do if you were a character in the setting?

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