Readers Journal-7

I am reading I Even Funnier. There is a lot of conflict. Jamie is struggling because he cant go to the Worlds Funniest Kid semi finals in Las Vegas. Jamie’s friend Gilda has a great idea to film Jamie and send his film to the Worlds Funniest Kid Competition. Jamie struggles work out and everything gets better.

Readers Journal-6

I am reading I even Funnier. The setting I am going to talk about is in Frankie’s car. Jamie notices that his Uncle Frankie doesn’t look so well. Jamie thinks “he doesn’t look so good.”Jamie calls the police and it turned out Frankie had a heart attack. The setting is important because Jamie always loses family members in a car like his family.

South African Burrowing Bullfrog

South African Burrowing Bullfrog eat insects such as grasshopper. They live in south Africa and you can probably find them in a rain forest. They have long legs to make them jump higher. Their Bladder is three time the size of a frogs weight. They also have long tongues to help them catch their pray that are high in the air. a African bullfrog is a third level consumer