Readers Journal-9

I am reading I Totally Funniest. The setting I am going to talk about is the mood of Jamie’s school. After Jamie’s competition gets canceled everyone at his school is subdued and turns their backs on him. In one day Jamie’s school goes from enthusiastic to listless. Jamie thinks about his morning in front of the school; “Remember how I was such a big-shot celebrity this morning, signing all those autographs for throngs of adoring fans? Funny how much can change in less than one day” (pg.52). The setting is important because Jamie fame could go up and down so quickly at this school. The student’s reaction shows Jamie if he loses the finals this is what it will be like at school. They will treat him like a nobody.




Readers Journal-8

I am Reading Who was Steve Jobs? The setting was in Steve Jobs parents garage. Steve’s garage is very important because that’s where apple started. As it says “They called the computer the Apple” I think its really cool how the first apple computer was made in a garage.

Readers Journal-7

I am reading I Even Funnier. There is a lot of conflict. Jamie is struggling because he cant go to the Worlds Funniest Kid semi finals in Las Vegas. Jamie’s friend Gilda has a great idea to film Jamie and send his film to the Worlds Funniest Kid Competition. Jamie struggles work out and everything gets better.

Readers Journal-6

I am reading I even Funnier. The setting I am going to talk about is in Frankie’s car. Jamie notices that his Uncle Frankie doesn’t look so well. Jamie thinks “he doesn’t look so good.”Jamie calls the police and it turned out Frankie had a heart attack. The setting is important because Jamie always loses family members in a car like his family.

South African Burrowing Bullfrog

South African Burrowing Bullfrog eat insects such as grasshopper. They live in south Africa and you can probably find them in a rain forest. They have long legs to make them jump higher. Their Bladder is three time the size of a frogs weight. They also have long tongues to help them catch their pray that are high in the air. a African bullfrog is a third level consumer


Readers Journal-5

I am in in the middle of I Even Funnier. The particular location in my book is an auditorium in Boston. Jamie is on to the Regionals for Funniest Kid Comic. In the first round of the Regionals Jamie comes in sixth and the top six contestants make it to the second round. In the second round Jamie decides to take some risks; he uses jokes he’s never used before. Jamie is so funny in the second round his friend Gaynor says, “They were funny. But, not Jamie Grimm funny” (pg.192). Jamie is afraid of losing to other great comedians such as Little Willy and Judy. They announce that Little Willy came in third, Judy came in second and that means Jamie won! I think Jamie will have many memories in this auditorium because he won the Regionals there.

My presentation is about the relations of Muslim and Judaism and Moses and Muhammad. We have many facts about both Moses and Muhammad and we are going to talk about the differences and similarities of the religions of Muslim and Judaism.

Readers Journal-4

I am reading I Even Funnier.  The location in my novel is a movie theater in Long Island, New York. Jamie goes to the movies with his friends Pierce, Gaynor and Gilda. They’re watching My Boyfriend is a Vampire and a Werewolf 3. During the movie Jamie notices his cousin Stevie who has been bullying him. Jamie thinks to himself, “Sounds to me like my good luck is about to end” (pg. 86). Stevie and his two friends Zits and Useless come with him. Stevie asks Gilda what she’s drinking and she says Pepsi. He tastes it and says that its not Pepsi and splashes it on Jamie. All the ice cubes melt on Jamie. I think the movie theater is important because I think Stevie is trying to bully Jamie everywhere he can find him.