Readers Journal 28 – “Prom and Prejudice”

Dear Readers,

I am reading the book “Prom and Prejudice” by Elizabeth Eulberg. The main character is Lizzie goes to a school called Longbouren Academy, it is a very fancy high class school it is also very expensive… except Lizzie is a scholarship student so she doesn’t have to pay. Because Lizzie is a scholarship student people treat her differently like she is a step down from them and she doesn’t matter. A lot of people have pulled really mean tricks on her. On the good side she met a really nice girl named Jane; Jane is a very rich girl but she still treats Lizzie so nicely and acts like her best friend. Lizzie also does a lot of nice things for Jane, like Lizzie always says – “Sometimes friends have to suffer for their friends’ happiness.” She also has a job at this little coffee shop where she met a nice boy who used to go to Longbouren but for the boys and he was a scholarship student as well.


Whale Watching 2016

My favorite part about whale watching was being on a boat for almost a whole day and just sitting outside and watching the water and seeing the amazing whales and being with my class. I learned that you can tell the difference between all the whales because all the whales have a little spot under neath there fins. I felt so amazed to see those whales hunt out in the ocean. My question is will the whales do anything when the boats get to close to them? I think it’s important to go see the wild life in the Ocean and we all know a lot of the garbage gets in the water and it hurts the animals, and to see those animals up close I think helped us understand how bad the pollution in the water is. And on another note… the whales are so cute!!!

Readers Journal 27 – “Secret Language Of Sisters”

Dear Readers,

I am reading the book “The Secret Language Of Sisters” by Luanne Rice. The main characters are Tilly and Roo. Roo was in a very serious car crash, everyone thought she was in a come but really she has “Locked in Sydrome” It’s where her body is paralyzed  but her brain still works and her eyes and her eyes still work. They move her to a different hospital to in plant something into her brain so she will be able to move the cursor on the computer mentally. It ables her to talk on the computer so she move the cursor mentally and makes words and then the computer says it out loud… Now she has another problem her sister Tilly is in love with her boyfriend. Now they are trying to figure it out.


Readers Journal 25 – “Second Star”

Dear Readers,

I am reading the book “Second Star” By: Alyssa B Sheinmel. The main character is Wendy. Wendy has all these crazy adventures to try to find her brothers – John and Micheal. John & Micheal were surfers just like the people Wendy met on her journey. Wendy had some good adventures, scary and sad adventures. Wendy basically postponed her life to try to find her brothers that every already said that they are dead but she doesn’t believe them so she sets pout to find them. She was so determined. “I’m not finding them for my own good, but for there own good”. Then one day she wakes up in a hospital…. And read the book to find out what happened. (I don’t want to spoil it)


Bright Water Trip

Dear readers,

I just came back from the Bright water center. One thing that surprised me is that is that there are multiple steps to cleaning water. I relelized that a lot of things I flush down the toilet is not supposed to – so now I know I won’t flush those anymore. I’m still wondering how all the water from my house goes to the factory. One ensuring project I would do is one of the steps like getting garbage out of the water.


Readers Journal 24 – “Second Star”

Dear Readers,

I am reading the book “Second Star” By Alysa B Sheinmel. The setting is mostly in Kennigston – Kennigston is the place where Wendy goes looking for her brothers. One day her brothers go missing (John & Micheal) They were big surfers, everyone thinks that they got wiped out by a wave and couldn’t get back up. Wendy thinks differently she thinks they are still out there, she gets all these different clues  and one of the clues led her to Kennigston. There was this person who knew a lot about John and Micheal… In order for him to tell her she had to take drugs. She thought one drug wouldn’t matter, it did! When her mom found out she was furious, that leads to my last location home; home has been very sad without her brothers. Her parents haven’t been the same.

If you like a combo of sad, scary, romantic you should read this book! (this is the same author of Faceless, my favorite book!)


Chumash Video Assigment

Q1: who is Susan Eden  What was the role of her husband in the events of the late 1940’s in Israel?

A1: She was the wife of Eban Ezra, Jewish representative to the UN

Q2:What was the Balfour Declaration mentioned in the first film?

A2: It allowed  the Jews have a homeland.

Q3:When the UN finally took its vote what was the final score of countries who voted for or against a Jewish state?

A3: 33 yes 13 no, 10 abstained.

Q4:At the end of the film, Yehuda Avner says, regarding the British soldier, “now, we were all friends!” What role did the British government (mandate) have in Israel in the 1940’s, and how was that role going to change with the UN vote?

A4: The British people ruled over Palastine but when the vote passed the British people didnt rule over them

Q5:Where is there a hint in the film that many Jews, both in and outside of Israel, saw what was happening as a sign of “redemption” and leading up to the coming of the Mashiach?

A5:  Because they helped the jews

Ruth stern was a volunteer form South Africa. She was saying that Israel basically had nothing and they really needed help from people who actually knew what they were doing on the battle field. She also said when she got there they interviewed her to make sure she knew what she was doing and they did let her be a nurse. Ruth thought was especially heart warming at nice was that when she got there a women solider came up to her and thanked her and told her how much it meant to her and the Jewish people. it was a win win on both sides, it helped the Jewish people and helped her connect to Israel.