June 9

Reader’s Journal #28

Dear Reader,

I am reading the book, King Matt The First, by Janusz Korczak.  It characterizes Matt as a loving, caring, nice boy.  His father, the previous king, just died, so he, a seven year  old boy,  has to be king!  Matt loves to  go on walks with his identity concealed, but that had to stop, because once people were making fun of him, and the ministers didn’t want him ti feel that dishonor and humiliation.  He is so nice to others.  For example, he bought a girl a humongous doll, because she said she wanted one.  The girl (Irenka) – “If my daddy was king, he would have to get me a doll that reached up to the ceiling. ” Matt – “during an audience he demanded very loudly that the ministers buy the biggest doll in the world and send it to Irenka.”

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June 6

Reader’s Journal # 27

I just finished the book Warren the 13th, by Tania Del Rio.  In the book the setting is very important.  It takes place miles away from the nearest civilization in a big hotel.  Despite the fact that no one ever comes to the hotel, Warren works endlessly to clean the hotel.  Its a pretty dull hotel now.  At the end of the book Warren finds out that the hotel can move around, and Warren can control it.

“He imagined cities and jungles, seaports and deserts, landscapes he knew only from books.  All places he would love to visit…were it not for the fact that he was twelve years old and heir to his family’s hotel, where he worked as the sole bellhop, handyman, exterminator, room-service valet, and all-around errand boy.  Warren the 13th had spent his whole life at the hotel, just as his father and eleven other Warrens had before him.”

Warren would love to see other settings.  In fact a person who drives a big boat around the world offered him to come along with him, and Warren really wanted to go, be he felt that he would be leaving his duty at the hotel.  In the end it turns out that he can fulfill his duties, and travel around the world at the same time!

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May 27

Science Whale Watching Trip 2016

1.   My favorite part was either planking for free food, or learning a new great card game called pitch.

2.  There are whales in it, that you think you see, but you really dont, and you think you see one, but you really don’t/

3.  It was really cool to see the whales kill the porpoises, because it’s really rare and out of the ordinary.

4.  A question I have is why do whales take deep dives?

5.  It has value, because it’s good to get out into nature and see what really happens, and how animals act.

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May 19

Reader’s Journal #26

I am reading the book Warren the 13th, by Tania Del Rio.  In the book a villain is introduced.  It’s a witch!  Warren’s aunt is secretly a witch, and has powers.  She even has an apprentice to help her.  Now the book talks about her as more wicked and dangerous.  The theme is now her against Warren, but hiding her bad side from Warren’s uncle.

”     “I’m sorry, Your Darkness,” said the girl. “I will assist you in any way possible”

“Indeed you will” Annaconda said. “You can start by shadowing my nephew Warren.  Odd-looking boy.  Crooked teeth and face like a housefly.  You can find him outside in the hedge maze.  I imagine he’ll be there all night, wandering around in circles.”

“And when I find him, Your Darkness, what should I do?”               ”

She is acting like a monarchy.  She will try to take Warren out of the picture.  She wants to get something that is hidden in the hotel, and she thinks Warren either knows where it is, or is going to stop her.  This drives the plot towards a hero/villain type of story.

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May 12

Reader’s Journal #25

Dear Reader,

I just started the book Warren The 13th, by Tania Del Rio.  Warren is a kid that loves to clean.  He is the 13th Warren to watch over a hotel, but when Warren the 12th dies, Warren the 13th was just 7 years old (now he’s 12), it was handed to Warren the 13th’s uncle.  His uncle doesn’t like work and labor, so now the hotel is deserted and a big mess, when it used to be a very good hotel.  Warren still likes cleaning the 8 floors as much as he can, like in the quote below:

“Hours later, his arms aching, Warren was still halfway through his many chores.  He had intended to clean just his attic bedroom, but after finishing he decided to sweep the eighth floor, too.  And when that was done, he couldn’t help but notice the 7th floor looking all dusty.  Then he decided he couldn’t leave the rest of the hotel unswept.  It wouldn’t be fair to all the other floors!”

The theme so far in the book that I’m seeing is Warren running around cleaning the big hotel as much as he could, while his uncle and aunt are rude to him, and treat him badly.  They don’t even let him eat food besides porage, although he sneaks some food with the help of the chef.  Warren works so much, but also suffers, because of his uncle and aunt.

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May 5

Reader’s Journal #24

Dear Reader,

I am reading Erec Rex, by Kaza Kingsly.  In the book the setting changes a lot, meaning that the characters move around a lot.  Erec, the main character, goes from his house, to the magical world, to a land filled with monsters in the magic world.  I really like it!

“It was quiet in the jungle, the kind of quiet that rings in your ears.  Gone where the shouts of the frantic mob that had chased Erec.  His ears adjusted to the crickets, soft twitters of birds, little breezes playing games with leaves… and what sounded like a loud belch.”

The author describes many different settings, so I know many pictures places in my head.  I like how the story moves along very quickly and it goes to many different settings quickly.

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April 20

Chumash Video Answers

There was 5 mini songs in the video.  In the first song it was talking about how the Jews were slaves and did hard work.  Then it talks about how Moshe was born and saved and there was hope.  It also continues about how Moshe had hope and dreamed for freedom.  Plus, he doesn’t know who he is: an Egyptian, or a Jew.  Then, it talked about the plagues Hashem brought to the Egyptians.  I liked the part when Moshe was talking about ho he had hope, because it was interesting that he still went against what he grew up with, and still believed in God.  I wouldn’t use this piece to prepare for the seder, because it is stuff I already know, it’s pretty basic.





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