June 10

Readers Journal #27

Dear Reader,

I am still reading Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel, by Diana Lopez.

I think that this quote represents theme:

“… Finally, I had to pay a fee. I didn’t have $35, so I called Dad’s cell and asked to use his Paypal account.”

In my opinion this represents theme, because Erica is (yet again) trying to help her mom get better, and this quote, she is trying to raise money. She is looking online at how to raise money and what to do, and all the steps. She will stop at nothing to help her mom get well.

-Esti K.

June 10

Readers Journal #26

Dear Reader,

I am currently reading the book Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel, by Diana Lopez.

I am choosing the quote:

“We finished the movie, but then Jimmy still needed a bath. I couldn’t let him go to sleep all dirty, so I got the tub ready for him…” 

The reason why I’m choosing this quote is because I think the theme of the book is about how Erica is so caring of her mother, she wants her mother to heal, and to not have any chores or work to do while she is ill. Erica is taking responsibility of her little siblings, and making sure her mom should not be having any stress.

-Esti K.

June 10

Readers Journal #25

Dear Reader,

I am currently reading the book Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel, by Diana Lopez.

“On Sunday, I was still thinking this at church, so during petition time, I closed my eyes and asked-no, begged-for help. “And for my part,” I prayed, “I’m going to work on my promesa.”

I feel like this “screams” theme to me because the theme of the book is mostly Erica working on her promesa, so that her mom can get better. She is willing to do whatever it takes for her mom to get better.

-Esti K.

May 20

Readers Journal #24

Dear Reader,

I am currently reading the book Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel by Diana Lopez. The setting of the story is mostly in her house, although sometimes she is at a church or at the pool with her friends.

When she is at her house she is usually cleaning, which thinks is a good thing, but her mother who is currently going through breast cancer thinks otherwise, she thinks that her daughter should not just be cleaning all day and doing chores around the house, however she thinks her Erica (Her daughter) needs a break, she should go out and have some fun with her friends.

Because of mom’s weak arm, I had to put away the heavy pots and pans, carry the baskets of laundry, and vacuum. She didn’t ask me to do these things, but when I caught her wincing at the chores or giving up, I decided to do them, but secretly.” 

Later on Erica’s friends asked her to come to the pool with them, but Erica said no, because she wanted to stay home and help her mother, but her mother insisted on her to go hang out with her friends.

-Esti K.

May 6

Brightwater Waste water Treatment Plant

Dear Reader,

We just came back from the Brightwater Waste Treatment Plant center, and we had a blast, Although I am still wondering about a few things. For example, Something that I learned and found surprising was that there were so many steps, to making the water clean again. Also, I learned that in order to get rid of the small pieces of poopie they had to make a tube that was ten thousandth of the width of a piece of hair. My mind changed a lot about water today! I am happy that water is being reused, but also pretty grossed out by the fact that other peoples poop and pee was mixed in very well with the water I drink and wash myself with, and my clothes.

I am still wondering about how old can water last? How long can it be ‘recycled’? Meaning, wouldn’t it start to get gross? I don’t mean in three months it should be ‘thrown away’, but after a couple thousand years, it would not be good anymore! Next, is there anything that the experts at Brightwater can not remove from the water?

-Esti K.

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April 20

Chumash Les Miserables

Dear Reader,

In the song/skit Les Miserables there are about seven mini songs in the complete video. I don’t remember much of the video, although one scene caught my eye. The scene where Moshe (as a baby) traveling in a basket, and then Bat Pharoh found him, and took him out. I don’t know which piece is my favorite out of all of them, because I really enjoyed the whole thing. I’m also not very familiar with the play Les Miserables. I probably would not use this video to prepare for the Seder night, because with all the cooking and cleaning for Pesach, I don’t think I will have time to re watch this video, and share it with my family.

-Esti K.

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April 15

Water Molecule Story

Esti Katzevman

Ms. Haawkinson

6th grade Science

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Water Molecule Story

Hey, I’m Marvin the magic water molecule. I have three older brothers, and one older sister, they pretty much hate my guts because I’m a newborn who was just born yesterday! In other words, I’m an ‘attention stealer’.

My life changing adventure started when I was part of a plant. A young, foolish plant who decided to run away. Well not the whole plant, but just me.

I was such a cool plant with lots of leaves and such a pretty, vibrant shade of blue, when my plant transpires its leaves and evaporated into a cloud.

Being a cloud is pretty different than being a plant. I get to watch over everyone in the city, and I get to see my family from above, don’t worry, I’m not dead.

All of a sudden I feel a rain drop, oh, it’s raining, and more drops fly off the cloud. Wow, so this isn’t exactly what I thought being a little water molecule feels, in a cloud. I don’t really know how to describe it. I’m basically a tiny molecule part of a large cloud.

Don’t worry, I’m not alone. I see other water molecules, most of them are older than me. Hey, that’s Jerry, from baby group, he’s yelling, and running as fast as he can away from the cloud… yeah, uh he’s not very bright.

Oh no, I’m starting to fall. Oh, there goes jerry. I wave. Ahh… I slipped. I’m flying, I’m flying, and I’m about to crash into a mountain. I hope I don’t crush the mountain! I’m a little closer to the ground now, but not entirely there yet. This mountain is really hard. Just then I notice someone I know! O.M.G is that “Water Molecule”? I’ve always felt really bad for him because he was never named, so all the molecules in the neighborhood just call him “Water Molecule”.

I walk up to them and say hi.

“What are you doing here?” I ask

“Um… I kind of live here” “Water Molecule” replies

“No, you live over there in that puddle, you know, the one next to the lake,” I say.

He replies, “I live here! Wanna bet?”

All of a sudden a storm hits, oh, its super windy. I’m starting to drift! Ah, I’m super scared! What do I do? It’s too hard to turn around, so I flow with the rest of the water. I rolled down a hill turning into a place where I’ve never even been before. We’re now officially in a stream!

So this is pretty nice, chilling, under the hot summer air, birds chirping, and just swimming, with the other water molecules.

I just want to stay here forever! It’s so pretty here. Plus, I can work on my backstroke.  Hmmm… I wonder what my family is doing right now.

Wow, I can see the ocean from here! It’s so pretty, although it’s huge. I’d hate to be part of that body of water. Those molecules are suckers!

Oh my gosh! The stream is getting faster. And it’s heading towards the ocean. I don’t want to go to the ocean!! I’m scared of all the creatures that live down there. Especially the octopi! (They get on my nerves the most)This journey is really scary. I don’t really know where in the world I am, and how to get back to my house, but I guess I’ll just explorer more.

I am officially in the ocean, and all I’m thinking about is Jaws. Which totally, by the way when you’re in the ocean, is not a helpful thing to think about. Oh my gosh, I just might drown. Oh wait… I’m a water molecule, I can’t drown.

I should really think of giving large bodies of water the benefit of the doubt.

Oh wait… Something feels different. Not right. Bad. I feel an octopus coming to me. How do I get away from it? It’ll kill me! Which means… I’ll die! I have to swim away. I have to evaporate into a cloud. And I have to do it now. Luckily I have much luck with this kind of stuff, because just then, in a split second I evaporate into a cloud! Funny how science works. Yay, I’m going to “The Cloud”! I’m super excited, maybe I’ll see my family from here again.

Ah, Now, I can just float, and relax. I just hope it doesn’t start raining again. That would really not be fun. I’m whispering in my head to myself, “don’t rain, don’t rain”, unfortunately for me, it starts raining!

“Thanks a lot,” I say, as I’m looking up.

Oh no, the other poor molecules who are next to me, are turning into water. People near me are dropping as rain. I feel like I’m on ‘Cloud Nine’. I just want to stay on this cloud forever. Why do I have to leave? Oh no, I feel it, that feeling when you’re about to turn into water. It’s happening!

I’m rain! And I’m about to drop. I drop. I finally dropped. This is the fun part when I fly, but not for long, I’m going to splatter. This is terrible, I don’t want to go through this process again. The only thing really safe to land in is water. Sadly we’re heading toward people, they’re on a beach, and some of them look like kids! (Kids are the worst, because sometimes they think that they can just eat us!) I don’t want to be swallowed by a kid! Ma’ say’s that that’s how my great grandpa, got lost from the family. We never found him again.

Swoosh, swoosh, that’s the sound of the wind. Oh thank goodness, maybe, just maybe I’ll have a chance. A chance to live! “Freedom for all molecules!” I yell, but I don’t think anyone hears me.

I’m headed towards the ocean. Yay! A happy, safe landing. The only thing that I didn’t like about the ocean was the fact that it was a little cold. I don’t do anything under 90 F.

I’ll just stay here for a while. So usually by now I’d be evaporating into the air, but I’m not. I guess I’ll just float until something happens to the water, maybe I’ll evaporate, and maybe I’ll be sucked in with a plant. Hey, I think I see someone I know, wow, small ocean.

“Ha-ha,” I laugh out loud to myself, and the other molecules stare. It was only ‘till a couple seconds later when I actually got it, I looked like a crazy person.

I think that’s Maya. Maya the Maya-cue.

Yay, she’s been my friend since birth! It feels good to actually have a friend here. I go up and say hi. We have a conversation for a while when we see a beautiful plant.

“Oooh,” What kind of plant is that?

Before I could even blink, I notice a kelp plant. I think I’m in love! It’s so cute!

What a beauty!” I think to myself!

I swim towards it, and I’m about to politely introduced myself, when the kelp plant takes me in! The kelp plant is absorbing water, and it just so happens to be that I’m right there. Oh no, Maya and I get sucked into the plant.

The only thing I could think of, is at least I’m not here alone. “We have to get out of here,” Maya says.

“But I don’t know how,” I say.

We try to get out, but we made no progress. What are we going to do?

“Oh no, what is it doing?” I ask her

“I think it’s using us to grow,” Maya replies.

1 hour later

“Oh no, what’s it doing now?” Maya asks me.

I think. Where do I recognize this feeling from? Oh ya, at the begging of my journey, when I when my plant transpired its leaves, and I went to “The Cloud”.

“Were going to be in a cloud!” I say

“That sounds scary,” she replies

“It’s not that scary, it’s actually pretty cool, you get to watch your family from above, and it just feels so good.” I say.

Before we even knew it, we were in the cloud!

Watching our families and talking about our life’s, and how much mines changed in just a day has really changed what I think about the world.



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April 15

Readers Journal #23

Dear Reader,

I am currently reading the book Ask My mood Ring How I Feel, by Diana Lopez. 

The setting of the story is in the Montenegro household.

“I went to the laundry room, sorted the dark’s and lights, put in a load, and dusted furniture while I waited for the wash cycle to end. In a strange way, cleaning made me feel like I was accomplishing something.”

I think this quote represents setting because Chia (Erica) is explain not only what she did, but where she did it. While I was reading I also noticed, that in this particular passage I imagined myself going to my laundry room, located in my house doing laundry, and dusting the furniture that’s in my house.

-Esti K.