Red Panda

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Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family
Animalia Chordata Mammalia Carnivora Ailuridae

Interesting Fact: Red Pandas aren’t actually Pandas. They’re not even related to Giant Pandas. They belong to the Taxonomic group.

Weird Fact: Red Pandas actually preferred to eat artificial sugars: neotame and sucralose (Splenda). They’re the only animal species able to taste artificial sugar.

Diet: Their diet consists of almost entirely of bamboo leaves and sometimes fruit, flower, and (rarely) bird eggs.

Habitat: Red Pandas live in cool temperate such as bamboo forests in China.

Adaptation: They have multiple adaptations one of the most interesting is that red Pandas have an enlarged wrist bone located on each front paw, like an extra thumb. This unique feature helps them hold bamboo tightly.

Threats :Red Pandas are endangered due to deforestation (the act of destroying large amount of trees). We humans are destroying and cutting down their habitat for land and wood.  If they have nowhere to live, they have to find somewhere else to live, which is very difficult. The new place might not match the environment they need to survive.  Another threat is that hunters are not being careful enough. Red Panda are often killed when they get caught in traps meant for other animals such as wild pigs and deer.

Ways to save Red Pandas ✳

Red Pandas are only species of its kind in the whole world ,That’s why we should protect them. Not only because they’re✳SUPER  ADORABLE✳ but because they’re part of the world  .We need to find ways to save these adorable animals . Lucky several  people have established communities that focus on Red Pandas, for example  Red Panda Network. This community saves wild red pandas and preserves their habitat.So if you want to save Red Pandas you can join this community or donate.Another way you can help is by spreading the word telling people about red pandas and how theirendanger.

                                                                                             Role in the Food Web 

Red Pandas play an important role in the food web. They are not at the top and they are not at the bottom. They depend on mushrooms,Bamboo, bark and berries  to survive.  If they became extinct, snow leopards and arctic foxes would have one less thing to eat.  Also,  there might be too much bamboo because there are not going to be enough pandas to eat off the bamboo.

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Science Mini Project

The Gila monster has a heavy body, large head with small eyes and a short fat tail. Its body is cover in bright pink or orange and black scales. It could be as long as two feet. They can be found in hot climate environments such as southern Arizona or southern Sonora Mexico. They live in grasslands or in the desert surrounded by Palo Verde trees and saguaros.

The colorful skin helps Gila monsters camouflage for better hunting / protection and its tongue helps by picking up scents in the air and receiving information and its claws are great for hunting. They also have a special ability of storing fat in their tails that helps when little food resource and when hibernating.


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