Reader’s Journal #28-Final!!!

I this Reader’s Journal I will be focusing on Characterization. The Characterization is shown in the quote below when it is explaining how Martians look:

“They’re round luminous globes of light, Father, living in those hills.Man or beast, who can say?”

This conveys an alien-like appearance. Without even a humanoid shape, it is hard to tell what these objects are!

Steps Leading Up to the Mitzvah

The Rambam has an idea that the main part of the mitzvah is the steps leading up to the mitzvah. An example from this is how I try to sleep a few hours every night so that I can get up to daven Shachris. Or how I eat food every day so that I will be energized enough to Rabbi Eliezer in the mishna says that if there is a Bris Milah during Shabbos and you forget to bring the knife you may bring it even if there is an Eruv. You can even make the knife! This shows how the steps leading up to the Mitzvah are as important as the mitzvah itself!

Reader’s Journal #26

In this Reader’s Journal I will be focusing on Theme. The Theme is shown in the quote below where the main character is trying to understand the crime based on the crime scene:

“‘I do not understand myself,’ said Poirot. ‘I understand nothing at all, and, as you perceive, it worries me.’ He sighed and bent over the little table, examining the charred piece of paper.”

In this quote the theme is shown in the quote “I do not understand myself,’ said Poirot. ‘I understand nothing at all, and, as you perceive, it worries me.” He cannot figure out who did the murder and this puts him in a state of helplessness.

Current Events #4: Democrats Face Off

Oh boy! The 2016 presidential election is becoming really heating. Moving aside from Republican front runner and soon-to-be Republican nominee Donald Trump, lets focus on the Democratic side of the election. Leading the pack is Hillary Clinton, a Washington insider and idealist who promises to “get things done” and who is slightly below the magic number of 2838, with 525 super delegates and 1,768 pledged delegates at a grand total of 2,293 delegates. Lagging slightly behind is Bernie Sanders, the rebel of the Democratic side who has surged forward, winning many major primaries( nearly half), with only 39 super delegates and 1,494 pledged delegates, adding up to 1,533. But even though Bernie may have the popular vote, he still is way behind Hillary, who is approaching the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination, The thing I think kids like me can take from this is to make smart choices and to understand the ideals we want to believe in.

Genetic Disorder-Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Lou Gehrig’s disease



The cause of Lou Gehrig’s disease (or ALS) is caused by nerve cells in the brain and spinal column which cease to function, which results in a gradual paralysis and shutdown of the whole body until the point that the person who has it cannot breathe or eat.


ALS normally isn’t inherited only about 10% of all cases is said to be inherited from close relatives (father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, etc.) Someone with FALS (familial ALS) has one copy of the gene with a mutation and one copy of the gene without a mutation.

Guy With ALS


Muscle weakness, problems with coordination, stiff muscles, loss of muscle, muscle spasms, overactive reflexes, fatigue, vocal cord spasm or impaired voice, difficulty swallowing, drooling, lack of restraint, mild cognitive impairment, severe constipation, severe unintentional weight loss, shortness of breath, or difficulty raising the foot.


How Many People Get It Yearly:

About 5,600 are diagnosed with ALS, which means at least 15 people a day.


Quick facts:

  1. Average life expectancy ranges from 2-5 years from time of diagnosis.
  2. Military veterans are approximately twice as likely to develop ALS.

5 Things That I found Interesting:

  1. ALS kills all cells in the body.

This is very unnerving as it will not only make you paralyzed but collapse you as well.

  1. I did not now that nerves cells were and are so important.

Now that I knew that ALS is caused because of nerves malfunctioning, I will not dismiss them as just another part of my body.

  1. ALS literally causes your muscles to shrink.

I have seen some pictures of this and it is unnerving as well as interesting.

  1. ALS occurs throughout the world.

I would not have thought that such a disease as ALS would be everywhere.

  1. ALS takes away your ability to do anything.

Being stuck in one place without being able to walk, write, or even smile is very strange. People with ALS normally cannot even change their own expression and just sit with blank faces.


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Reader’s Journal #25

In this Reader’s Journal I will be focusing on Setting. I am reading the book Jake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx. The setting is shown below when an airship is taking a long turn to avoid a forest of stalagmites called the Crackles which are known to shoot up flames:

“Then a pillar of flame shot into the sky, twisting like a fiery tornado. It hovered in the air for several seconds, then fell away. Moments later, another two blasted skyward, one reaching nearly as high as the ship.”

The setting in this is very identifiable as a danger zone. It also very chaotic as, although not mentioned in the quote, the main character’s boat is being attacked. If the flame catches fire on the boat anywhere, they are all doomed.

Current Events #3: The Race to Save the Elephants

Last Autumn, some rangers in the Zimbabwe Hwange National Park made a horrific and disgusting discovery: 20 elephants had been killed by poachers so that there tusks could be chopped off . Not an irregular occurrence for the sub-Saharan region of Africa as the rangers who are carrying out the protection of the elephants are greatly outnumbered by the poachers. The reason for this is because the ivory tusks are very expensive and in high demand from other countries who take them and make into expensive ivory trinkets and jewelry.  This is very disastrous because African elephants are approaching their extinction range. But recently, last September, China and the USA, the world’s top two ivory makers, pledged to help to end the illegal trade. They promised to ban all illegal trade and on nearly every import and export of ivory. This may help the elephants to rise up again as kings in the Sahara and discourage poachers from any foul play.

Expository Essay- If You Could Be Any Type of Person, What Would You Be and What Would You Do?

Have you ever watched a football game and see some athlete play in the game or seen some fashion model get to try on clothes that you really think you would look good in, and think, wow, it would be awesome if I could have their job? If you could change the world like them? I don’t know about you, but I wish I could make such a big affect on the world like them! You would make such a difference on the world. But who would you be? That’s the question! In this essay I’m going to explore on what other people would want to be and how they would change the world.

Person #1-Arielle (Mother): “I would be a midwife. I believe that the type of support that a midwife gives a family through the processes of pregnancy and childbirth can help the family to be better informed, feel empowered, and experience great joy and wonder at a crucial moment in the family’s evolution. Although intensive medical intervention can certainly be necessary sometimes, I believe that pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes and that midwifery promotes the best interests of the mother, child, and family.”

My response: This is very interesting. According to my mother midwives hold a very strong and important bond with the family. She believes that the kind of care a mother and baby receives has impact and can change the world.

Person #2-Robert (Father) “I would be an astronaut. There are many reasons. It could mean that I would need to become an ace jet pilot, a field scientist, like an engineer, and an explorer all in one. Astronauts are able to test and verify new scientific experiments in the weightless vacuum of outer space which allows us to learn more about our life on Earth which ultimately helps humankind. I think it’s also very exciting when you consider that you get to use and expand the advanced new technologies while orbiting the Earth at many times the speed of sound.”

My response: My father is already an electrical engineer who works for a company called Aerojet Rocketdyne where he builds and designs EPS’s or Electrical Propulsion Systems for spacecraft which explains why he said this. If he had the time to go to school for this, I have no doubt he would. He would change the world by advancing into space and helping us discover more about the planet we live on and those that surround us.

Now it’s your turn. What would you be? What would you change? Would you be someone like my father, who strives to learn something new? Or like my mother, who believes the world should be changed in a more emotional way? Or finally, would you use this for your own ? Use your position to pursue power and strength? Please respond in the padlet below.


Reader’s Journal #24

In this Reader’s Journal I will be focusing on setting. The setting is portrayed in the quote below where it is describing a bunch of shoals between cape cod:

“The tides play havoc in the shallows here, creating rip currents of churning, sand-filled seas that can be frightening even on calm days. And now with monstrous waves, wind, and current colliding, Ormsby’s small lifeboat was tossed around like so much flotsam. Should the boat capsize amid the breakers at the rip, he and the crew would dead within minutes.”

This quote has an air of hostility and riskiness. As it says “Should the boat capsize …, he and the crew would dead within minutes.” This also shows that these waves can be scary even on normal days, saying ” …seas that can be frightening even on calm days.”