RJ 27

I’m reading The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan. I think the theme of this is loyalty and friendship, because Percy would put his friends before the world. Percy has a prophet this once he turns 16 he will have the chance to join Kronos and his army to defeat the gods. Kronos always finds people’s weaknesses even if you don’t know your own weakness he does and he uses that against you. Percy’s weakness is that he would drop anything if one of his friends was in trouble so Kronos will/can use that against Percy. Percy’s friend Annabeth and Artemis the goddess got kidnapped by Luke and Percy went on the very dangerous mission with Zoë, Thalia, Bianca and Grover to save them. Over all Percy would give anything for his friendship and he is very loyal to the people he loves and cares about.

RJ 26

I’m reading eagle day by Robert Muchamore. I think the theme of this book is the Boche’s are huge asses because i’m up to the part where the Germans took every single last valve so no one else could buy any. Paul and Rosie especially hate the Germans because they killed their father and he was one of the only things they had other than each other, after their mother died they were really depressed. Marc also wanted all the Nazis to die because once they found Marc in Henderson’s house they started beating him up and asked him if he knew anything about where Henderson is and he said NO because he didn’t know who that was, he didn’t appreciate that awful beating.

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From Farm to Trash

So many fruits and veggies have been wasted and rotted because they can’t get shipped to other country’s before they over ripen. All this food goes to the U.S. landfills and gets dumped in California Salinas valley. Every year the U.S. throws away 40% of the food supply, about 160 billion pounds! There is always food thrown out after every meal For Example, some farmers thrown out there deformed veggies even tho they are completely edible and for restaurant once people are done eating they throw out all that food they didn’t finish. The U.S. department of Agriculture set a goal “to cut the the country’s food waste in half by 2030.”

I think that the whole U.S. is not going to stop wasting and throwing out food, it’s just never going to happen. There is an app called FoodKeeper which personally I think that’s a great idea, the app helps you about the food date labels and where to put foods.

Down syndrome

Down syndrome


Down syndrome is caused by having an extra copy of chromosome 21, it’s a developmental disorder.


Unlike most genetic disorders, this disorder is not inherited from your parents, instead this is a mistake that happening during meiosis.


Symptoms of Down syndrome are learning disabilities, lazy eye, delay in speech and development. Flat nose and facial profile with a small head and mouth.

People with the disease

1/691 babies get down syndrome in the US about 6,000 babies each year. There is about 400,000 people in the US who have Down syndrome.

Quick facts

1: People with Down syndrome don’t live as long as people without Down syndrome.

2: If your 30 years old you have one and 1,000 chance of having a kid with Down syndrome.

Interesting facts

Older women who have babies are more likely to have a kid with Down syndrome than a younger women.

Down syndrome is not at all related to race or religion.

While you’re pregnant you can get a test to see if your baby will have Down syndrome.

The extra chromosomes 90% come from the women not the male in trisomy 21.

Jerome Lejeune discovered how Down syndrome occurs.

Work cited



RJ 25

I’m reading The henderson boys: Eagle Day by Robert Muchamore

The theme to the book Eagle day: you can never be safe enough. The reason why I think this is the theme is because, Rosie and Paul thought they were safe on the Cardiff bay… until the ship sank and Rosie and Paul couldn’t find each other. Also Rosie and Paul were with there father and they thought all was good until there father got shot by the Nazi’s. At any time of the day the Nazi’s could start bombing Paris and next thing you know everyone you ever knew is dead that’s why you could never be safe enough.

Current Events 3

I read about Kylie’s IV backpack and how it can help some kids lives. kylie knew a girl who had cancer and she had to carry around a annoying IV pole. A few years later in class they were assigned to invent something and that’s when Kylie thought of the IV backpack. Kylie thought that this would help a lot of people and she showed it to some friends and doctors and they thought it was also a great idea. She made a prototype and everyone loved it, she made 54,000 from her IV backpack idea.

I personally think this great for the kids who need to care an IV pole around the whole day and it would make there lives a lot easier and more enjoyable. People should know that a 13 year old made this and helped the world and so you can also make an invention that helps.

RJ 24

I’m reading Eagle Day by Robert Muchamore.

The setting of this book is in France when Hitler was invading Paris. Marc, Paul and Rosie were all in France but Henderson got Rosie and Paul on a ship to Britain and it crashed and they added up on a island and met and guy named PT. Marc is still stuck in Paris with Henderson. Henderson and Marc found out that they lost the ship Rosie and Paul were on. Maxine Clere told them “We’ve lost the Cardiff bay on the River Garonne, less than thirty kilomethres out of Bordeaux – and many are dead.”  This was awful news….

RJ 23

I’m reading Graceful by Wendy Mass.

This readers journal i’m focusing on setting, which is very very important in this book.

Grace lives in willow falls with Amanda, Leo, Tara, Conner, David and Rory (=Team Grace)

Grace was born on the day the vertex opened up and gave the magic powers of Willow Falls, she was a very powerful girl. Angelina had to do with all of team Grace members like, Amanda and Leo with their repeating birthdays and Tara with her bizarre play etc. etc….   Angelina has been keeping Willow Falls under control for centuries and centuries she wasn’t allowed to leave Willow Falls till she was no the controller any more. Will Falls is a very magical town, there were many people that had good and bad memories and some how everyone who lived there was some how linked together and knew each other. But soon after Angelina left things went south…fast, they tried to get in contact with Angelina but all they got was postcards and weird “tea parties.” Grace was not powerful enough to do anything but turn meat loaf into pizza, she had no idea how to work her powers in the way she needed it….

RJ 22

I’m reading The Killing by Robert Muchamore. In this book James meets a girl on his mission named, Hannah.

James describes Hannah as “Blond and good looking, she also had a temper, she hated school, and she was always in trouble. James really liked Hannah but he knew he wouldn’t be able to see her again once the mission is over. Hannah really hated her parents right now because her father grounded her and her mother would never stand up to him. Hannah would always ask her mother to go some where and her mother would say yes but if Hannah’s father was in the room Hannah’s mother would not have her own opinion. Hannah’s father doesn’t want Hannah going out so much after Will died but Hannah don’t care. Hannah’s father doesn’t want Hannah to make the same mistakes as Will did, but Hannah thought the reason he committed suicide is that he was lonely and because he had no friends but Hannah’s dad thought he had bad influences.

Should Students Dissect Real Animals?

There is two different sides to this question yes and no. David Evans said that the kids should have a real dissection no a fake online dissection. Jonathan Balcomle said that kids shouldn’t dissect animals because it’s cruel and because it might scare the kids and make them not want to become doctors.

I think that kids should be able to dissect animals because it’s an experience that you don’t want to miss. Doing a dissection on a computer is not the same thing as dissecting a real animal.