Chumash Q and A’s: State of Israel Video’s

Dear Readers,
Q: What was the Balfour Declaration mentioned in the first film?
A: Where Israel became the national home for the Jewish people
Q: When the UN finally took its vote what was the final score of countries who voted for or against a Jewish state?
A: 33 yes, 13 no, and 10 abstain
Q: At the end of the film, Yehuda Avner says, regarding the British soldier, “now, we were all friends!” What role did the British government (mandate) have in Israel in the 1940’s, and how was that role going to change with the UN vote?
A: Britten is not controlling Israel anymore, so the Jews have more freedom
Q: Where is there a hint in the film that many Jews, both in and outside of Israel, saw what was happening as a sign of “redemption” and leading up to the coming of the Mashiach?
A: They wanted to have the vote on a Saturday, because Mashiach can’t come on Shabbat, so they must have hoped this vote would lead to Mashiach coming.
I picked Ruth Stern. What she said is that she went to Israel to be a nurse for the soldiers. She was scared, but the person who lead her to her room gave her confidence. I learned from her from her that even if you are going to do something good, you can be scared.

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