Readers Journal 24- All of a Kind Family

Dear Readers,
I finished the book All of a Kind Family by Sydney Taylor. The book is about a Jewish family with five girls, a mom and a dad. All sorts of things happen in this book.
Here is what’s going on with each child:
Ella (12)- Oldest of all the children. You get some clues that she likes papa’s work assistant Charlie
Henny (10)- Not friends with her friend Fanny any more
Sarah (8)- Lost her library book and has to pay for a new one, even though she was saving her money for a doll!
Charlotte (6)- Not really mentioned so much in the book… she loves candy!
Gertie (4)- The youngest, but not for long! (She also likes candy)
I’m going to use the trait Action, on Sarah, because she has a total melt down. Here is a text from the book:
‘ “I can’t eat it! It’ll make me sick! I hate it!” ‘

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