Readers Journal 25- More of All a Kind Family

Dear Readers,
I just started reading the second book of all of a kind family, called, More of all of a Kind Family by Sydney Taylor. I haven’t gotten that far, but it’s about how it’s a couple years later, and Charlie is now a toddler, and the girls are a little older. Little Charlie almost got hit by a row of horse carriages, but a kind lady quickly saved him, and the family is thankful. Ella is excited because she got a letter from a boy who likes her.
Today, I am going to use the trait Action on Henny, because she gets very anxious when its time to go the library, and a little mad when Ella is wearing her hat. Here is a text from the book:
‘ “Say, isn’t that my tam?” Henny was indignant. “Why aren’t you wearing your own?”
“Because yours matches my new skirt. Please let me wear it, Henny.”
“Oh, all right. But you might have asked me first. And hurry up!” ‘

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