Readers Journal 27- All of a Kind Family Uptown

Dear Readers,
I just finished the book All of a Kind Family Uptown by Sydney Taylor. Many things happen in this book. The girls couldn’t find Lena’s apartment and accidentally ate someone else’s dinner, Mama got her appendix taken out, and Lena had a baby!
I am going to use the trait, thought, on Charlotte, because she forgot to pay for her ticket for the train on her way to her aunts house. Here is a text from the book to support my thinking:
‘ She squeezed the handkerchief knot. A whole nickel! A person could get an awful lot for a nickel! For instance, a pad – a really, truly good one like the Square Deal kind which had such a smooth, white paper. I could write my homework on it with beautiful ink. Or one of those tiny pink celluloid dolls from the Five and Ten. I’d have such fun dressing it for Gertie. I could get a Napoleon! It melts in your mouth with creamy custard just oozing out all over! Or even five Indian Bars with nuts inside! Then I’d give two to Gertie and keep three for myself! Mmm . . . mmmm. Charlotte smacked her lips. ‘

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