Whale Watching

Dear Readers
On 5/25/16, the sixth grade class went whale watching. We saw orca whales. What I learned was that all orca whales look the same, but have completely different DNA, that they are almost completely different species. It made me sad when I saw the orca’s eating the porpoises. I now have a new liking for whales!!! The purpose for this trip was for the sixth grade to have a memorable trip to start a new unit.

Science Field Trip

Dear Readers,
We went to the Bright Water Waste Water Treatment Plant. Something that I learned that surprised me was the microbes. I’ve never heard of them before. Something that will change my behavior towards water is that now I know there are still chemicals and medicines in it, I’m scared to drink it. I still wonder about the process of taking out the microbes. I think in the future we will need a technology to be able to take out the medicines and chemicals.

My Water Molecule Story: Perspective of Shirley Waters, the Water Molecule

Dear Readers,
Here is my water molecule story for science… enjoy!

My Water Molecule Journey

Dear Fellow Human,

Hello there! My name is Shirley Waters. I know it may be hard to believe, but I am a water molecule. It may sound crazy, and totally insane, but now you can go bragging to your friends that a water molecule was writing to you.

I live in the stream with my brother, John, my mama and dada, and my friends, Lilly, Molly, and Pearl. We go to school in the stream called Stream City Elementary, a school for bright young molecules. I am studying to be a nurse, so in the meantime, I am a nurse in training for my brother Johns BFF, Edward. He is sweet, and he longs to be in a bottle of water in Costco, a human grocery store. Sometimes, it’s hard to watch Edward because I’m not always in the cloud with him.

Right now, I am in school, secretly writing this story under my desk. My teacher, Ms. Moleculebottom, is blabbering on about the proper way to treat old men at nursing homes. Psh! Like I don’t know how to do that (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

“Shirley…!” I look up to see Ms. Moleculebottom’s angry voice rising. “What did I tell you? NO PASSING NOTES IN MY CLASS!!!” She thought I was passing notes! I was raised to not pass notes in any class!

All of a sudden, the school shook. Rocks and sand were flying everywhere screaming, “Help me!” It was like an earthquake. I clutched my paper, still writing to you, and run for my life. Then, a big hairy claw reaches out from the surface and swallows me whole.

It was dark, and smelled fishy. Literally. And now I know that bears are disgusting. Yuck! Please excuse me if my handwriting gets messy for a while, but it’s KIND OF HARD TO WRITE INSIDE A BEAR! I hear my friends screaming in horror outside of me.

It’s way past my bedtime now, but I just got peed out by Mr. Bear, and I’m back in the stream trying to find my friends and family. But I am so tired, and my eyelids get heavy, and then I fell asleep.

I woke up, feeling not like my normal self. I look down to see that I’m high above the city. I must have evaporated! I’ve never evaporated before! I was swirling all through the air. My little pink bow almost fell off my ear. Very slowly, I made my way up to the cloud.

 When I landed inside the cloud (and let me tell you, rough landing! Four wedgies, and a falling bow… don’t worry, I caught it), I saw Ed in his chair, reading the Gas Gazette. I start running towards him. He drops his copy of the Gas Gazette and gives me a warm hug.

“Oh, how I’ve missed my little ray of sunshine!” he tells me. Incase you were wondering, he likes to call me ‘my little ray of sunshine’. Us fellow water molecules don’t know if you fellow humans have nicknames, but we sure love them up here. I’ve got tons of them! Shirlovers, Shirley-poo, Swirly Shirley, Shirl, Shirley-me-timbers… you name them!

“I’ve missed you too,” I tell him. “Have you gotten over your cold yet?” He smiles and laughs.

“Your magic cough drops sure are magic! I took one after you went back to Stream City, better than ever! I could get up and do the hora right now!” Ed starts doing crazy jazz hands, and I laugh until I can hardly breathe.

“I’ve got to go phone mama, but call me if you need anything,” I start to walk away. He waves, and I wave back. Now, I’m off to find a pay phone. I see a sign that says, Molecule Market and headed in that direction. Surely there’ll be a pay phone there, right?

All of a sudden, the ground shakes, and water molecules are flying everywhere. Uh oh… rain storm! I try to run for shelter, but I sink through the cloud, and start to fall with the rest of the water molecules. I scream for help, but it’s no use. I see Ed just a little bit above me, reading the Gas Gazette. He gives me a look saying, hang tight! I wink at him and he winks back. I see Stream City, right below me, and Ed gets blown away.

I make a soft landing in Stream City, conveniently right in the middle of my class at Stream City Elementary. Ms. Moleculebottom gives me a glare.

“I see Ms. Waters finally returned herself,” she snorts. The class bursts into laughter, so I just sink into my seat, and silently weep.

After class, I run out the school doors to home. “Mama! Dada!” I cry.

“Shirley, you’re home!” mama says, showering me in kisses. Dada gives me a fist bump, and I join the dinner table. The only thing I wasn’t happy about, is that I didn’t know we had guests over for dinner. The Gastrons. Gaston Gastron was in my class, and he was not nice to me at all. He stole my pencils, and snapped them in half whenever I left the classroom or left my desk.

I ask for the algae, and all I get is a glare. I glare back. Gaston picks up the algae platter, and ‘drops’ it, making shattering sea glass fly everywhere, and algae falls off the shattered platter left and right.

“Oh my!” Mrs. Gastron cries. “Gaston, what do you tell Mr. and Mrs. Waters?” she taps her angry foot on the ground. Tap, tap, tap!

“I’m sorry I broke your plate, and I’ll buy more algae if you’d like,” Gaston says with an eye roll.

“Start sweeping, Gaston! Now!” Mrs. Gaston shouts. Mama sighs.

“I got it, don’t you worry. I’ve got plenty of algae left. I’ll go through some on the frying pan,” mama says, gesturing to dada to get the broom.

Then, out of the blue, a gust of water rushes past us. It get stronger, and stronger, and starts pulling Gaston away from everyone else. Then, Gaston does a VERY rude move! He pulled me along with him! First the pencils, now this? What does he want? Tears are rushing down my face, and all I want to do is crawl in a whole and hide.

“Why did you do that?!” I ask him, angrily.

“Do what?” he asks, trying to look all innocent.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?!” I shout aloud. Tears continue to stream down my face like a rushing waterfall. I’ve been in a real waterfall… not fun.

“Well, I didn’t want to leave my parents, and I know that you wouldn’t want to either, so I thought it would only be fair if we both suffered,” he says in a calm, yet cruel voice.

“Well life isn’t always fair, so you should have just sucked it up!!!” I say, still shouting. He rolls his eyes, and gives me a look saying, Hahaha! You’re stuck with me now!!!

Forget any of that, I’m still rushing down the stream. To bad the stream is warm today, because that makes me move even faster! I feel like I’m rushing through a market, with lots and lots of molecules.

I turn around, and see mama and dada and the Gaston’s parents. I turn back around to see a fork in the stream. One side leads to the ocean, and the other side leads to a waterfall, that continues on a different stream. I see a wave push mama and dada and Gaston’s parents away, down to the waterfall.

“Mama! Dada!” I cry. It was no use. They were gone. Down the river, continuing their lives without me. I let out a few sobs. Then, me and Gaston took a turn and we started our way into the ocean.

I woke up the next morning I woke up to the sound of two sharks fighting over a little baby fish, who looked more afraid than ever.

“I tell you, it was mine!” the first shark says.

“I saw him first, which makes him mine!” the second shark says.

“Don’t you go talking back to me like that, dude!” the first shark announces, angrily.

“Oh yeah, how you gonna make me? Huh, huh, huh?!” the second shark says back. Before they knew it, the little fish was gone. They growl at each other, and split up to go find the fish. Gaston Gastron is playing Wattbagger with his new friends (in case you didn’t know, Wattbagger is the fun sport that all water molecules like to play. It’s kind of like a mixture of two different human sports… baskey-ball socks? Or was it footfalls and socks? I think it was footfalls and socks. Forgive me if I’m pronouncing them wrong, but I don’t really know much about human sports).

I start to float to the top of the ocean, and I look around to see that it looks like I’m in the middle of nowhere. I know, totally random comment, but it looks so cool!

All of a sudden, I feel a little twitch in me. I feel like I’m melting. This goes on for a while, then I see why… I’ve evaporated! Again! I smile. I float up with all the other water molecules, spinning everywhere. I look next to me to see John, still reading the Gas Gazette. I laugh a little to myself, and land softly in a cloud.

I look around, and see Lilly, Molly, and Pearl, playing jump rope. This is a very popular activity in the water molecule world.

“Can I join you guys?” I ask politley.     

“Shirley! Shirley! Shirley!” the all sqeal. “We missed you!” and that’s how I spent my whole afternoon. Playing jumprope with my friends.

Towards the end of the day, I started walking to the Cloud Residence Inn. It was cold. I looked down at my nose, and I almost fainted. There was an isicle growng on my nose! I shiver with fright.

Just as I reached the front door to the Inn, I slowly sank through the cloud. I was frozen like a snowflake. Well, actually I was a snowflake, since I was a gas, turning into a solid, and not a liquid.

I start to fall down, slowly but surley. I see the little children below me pile outside to play in the snow. I continue going down, and softly land in the middle a ski course on a mountain. All the kids are excited to ski.

“This is gonna hurt little lady, so get used to it,” an old water molecule says next to me. He starts babbling about his family, and doesn’t even notice that he’s getting run over.

Out of nowhere, I feel boiling. It was getting stuffy on this mountain. Before the old molecule could start telling me about his aunts mothers husbands sisters brother grandmas grandmas great aunts brothers cousin, I started to fall off the mountain.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I scream.

“Hang in there, little lady! Hang in there!” the old molecule shouts. I just roll my eyes, but in a nice way.

I look down to see myself looking down at the stream. Yay! Back in my real home (well it’s not really my real home, but it’s my favorite). I fall into the stream, and melt back into a liquid. I land right in front of my house. I walk inside to find nothing but shattered sea glass and moldy algae. I start to bawl. I miss my parents. I feel like the stream is almost completely full of my tears.

Then, I feel a wave rush over me. Uh oh… not again! I start to be forcefully pushed towards the ocean. No, no, no! I can’t go back to the ocean!

I try to turn back, but that didn’t accomplish anything, so I just closed my eyes and wished for this terrible dream to be over.

I look ahead and see the fork in the stream. This is it… the moment of truth. The stream or the ocean. Another rush pushes me to the-

“I tell you, it was mine!” the first shark says.

“Well, I saw it first, so it’s mine!” the second shark says, reaching for the poor baby fish.

-ocean! I look around, and I see mama and dada swimming around. I run over and hug them. I’m back with the people I love, and that’s all that matters.


Shirley Waters


Dear Shirley Waters,

Hi! My name is Lara Smith, and I just got your letter. I was fishing with my dad, and saw your letter floating around in a bottle, so I pulled it out and read it. I’ve always been interested in water molecules and now I’ve heard from one. Please write back and I will tell you more about myself.


Lara Smith

(PS: I used your letter for an assignment… hope you don’t mind.)   

Earthquake Video

Dear Readers,
Sorry I didn’t post this before! I didn’t know we were supposed to post these to our blogs, but now I am. It may be hard to here because I am speaking in a Russian accent (long story) and there is the loud noise of Study Hall in the background. Enjoy! (And don’t judge!) IMG_0950