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Mussar Monday

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The holidays are behind us and it is time to get ourselves reoriented. Reoriented to what? Aha! To our theme for the year…SHA: Where We Belong! and to our SHA commitment to this critical element of our mission:

“We develop students of character and integrity”

One practice that we have at SHA, is to bring our Mussar tradition into our daily work.

Wondering what Mussar is all about? Here is a  link to an article about it  and here is a wonderful website and devoted exclusively to the practice of Mussar created and led by Alan Morinis. – which has much more information.

For us, here at SHA it will look like a new Middah introduced every week with a connection to “belonging” towards the goal of helping us build an SHA community of belonging.

This week’s  Mussar Middah sheet,  click here – Mussar Belonging Paitience  starts us off. By all means open it or even print it and discuss it with your family. If we talk about these values at school and at home – wow!

Please let me know your thoughts –comment here on this blog or email me about how you were able to put some of these into practice. I know, for myself, after creating the sheet on Patience – I paid a lot of attention to being patient all day yesterday and today!

I deeply believe in the effectiveness of Mussar and its potential for changing someone’s life – it has mine.





One thought on “Monday Mussar Moment

  1. From the Mussar memo, I liked this quote: “Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious,” by Phillips Brooks. It reminded me that most good behaviors come from people’s strengths and most bad behaviors come from people’s weaknesses. We need to be patient with people’s weaknesses in order to recognize their strengths.

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