Standing Again @ Sinai — With Our Guarantors!


I love this Midrash from Shir HaShirim Rabbah:

Rabbi Meir said: When the Jews stood before Sinai to receive the Torah, G‑d said to them: “I swear, I will not give you the Torah unless you provide worthy guarantors who will assure that you will observe its laws.”

The Jews responded, “Master of the world, our forefathers will be our guarantors!”

“Your guarantors themselves require guarantors!” was G‑d’s reply.

“Master of the world,” the Jews exclaimed, “our prophets will guarantee our observance of the Torah.”

“I have grievances against them, too.’The shepherds have rebelled against Me’ (Jeremiah 2:8),” G‑d replied.

“Bring proper guarantors and only then will I give you the Torah.”

As a last resort, the Jews declared, “our children will serve as our guarantors!”

“They truly are worthy guarantors,” G‑d replied. “Because of them I will give the Torah.”

As they say  – “all the rest is commentary.”  All we have is our children. They are the only “guarantee” that even G’ Almighty is ready to accept. Not our past, but rather our future. Everything we do is for them. And more than anything else, what we do is the Torah education that we give our children – it is our best bet on our shared Jewish future.

Last week, the Samis Foundation arranged an opportunity for all the Heads of Jewish Day Schools to have the opportunity to talk with the experts at the Cohen Center who conducted the recent Jewish Community Study of Seattle. Here is what we learned:

Jewish Day School attendees are the most connected, engaged, religious, synagogue-affiliated and active members of the Jewish community. Day school attendees have the edge over all others when it comes to the highest quality of Jewish life.

Preaching to the choir!

Here is what I would add — there just is nothing like the devotion and dedication of Jewish day school parents. Your commitment truly makes a difference in the world. That, I deeply believe.

Where are the 8th Graders?

2:45 Thursday.  A Fire Drill. Several grades including the 6th and 7th – who had just been finishing Mincha – were on their way back into the building. I noticed them and like a good shepherd always aware of the sheep, I anxiously asked, “Where are the 8th Graders?”  They did not miss a beat, in unison; I heard a resounding reply, “IN ISRAEL!”  Ahem. Yes, I knew that.

Israel trip Flag

Our 8th Graders are indeed, on their immensely anticipated Israel Trip with Sara Weiss and Michael Behar. From the looks of it, the trip is going exquisitely. See pictures below.

SHA’s Israel Trip is essential to our curriculum and the perfect summative experience for an SHA student. SHA is a Zionist school with Israel at its center. Our K – 8 Lookstein Israel Curriculum prepares our students for a lifelong connection to Israel. Tomorrow our Likrat Shabbat Assembly will focus on Yerushalayim in advance of Jerusalem Day on Sunday – lots of singing. And, special feature…Yerushalayim Shel Zahav. ‘Nuff said.