Welcome to SHA!

First Day


I love the First Day of School. There is nothing quite like greeting all of our students back to the building. It is a day full of hopes and dreams.

At SHA we have spent the summer cleaning, organizing and paring down the materials that have been stashed and stored away in the building since before the beginning of time. We have been gearing up for our three new elements of Project Shalom; Compassion, Kindness and Community. These new three are truly the underpinnings of our three R’s; Ready, Respectful and Responsible.

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!

A Prayer for the First Day…

Let kindness drizzle down with the blessed rain today upon our precious ones, as they return to SHA.

Let their hearts be open to Torah, to friendship and to knowledge.

May their eyes light up with inspiration.

May they be awake and have their lunch with them!