Enter the Crow

Highlight of my SHA week?
I try to walk around the whole SHA building at least once a day; walking into classrooms, the halls, the library – everywhere! My stroll on Wednesday took me into the Eagles classroom, where I took a few minutes to learn every Eagles name. Then I asked the students this question:
You are the Eagles, the Robins are the Robins, the Chickadees are the Chickadees, the Hummingbirds are the Hummingbirds, even the parents have a NEST now.
What about me?!
Am I an ostrich? I stood on one foot.
Am I a pigeon? I cooed.
Am I a chicken? I put on a little chicken dance.
What bird am I?
Without hesitation one little girl called out – A CROW!
Well thank you! That will teach me to ask…
Friends, let me know if you want to do a “Walk Through at SHA!” I will be happy to have you join me – you never know what you will learn!