Compassion, Kindness and Community

This week a team of us; Rabbi Rapoport, Benjamina Menashe, Julia Guard, Sara Weiss, Liora Minkin and I were joined by Rabbi Rob Toren, Director Samis Foundation and Samis Trustee David Ellenhorn as we all, guided by Alex Pomson, our consultant from the Rosov Consulting Group, Skyped in from Israel as we worked on our educational outcome project, “Measuring Middot.” This effort is geared at developing a way to ascertain whether we are realizing our goals around our Social Emotional Learning curriculum here at SHA. No small endeavor.

Towards that end we worked on defining what observable behaviors that demonstrate; feeling Compassion, acting with Kindness and building Community – our three Project SHAlom values introduced this year.

I would love to draw you into this conversation.

What do you think? What do these values look like in your home? Is cleaning one’s room, Kindness?  Is taking out the garbage Compassion? Is inviting all the children in your class to a birthday party, Community? When you see these values demonstrated by your children do you acknowledge them as such? Do you draw your children’s attention to these values when you are acting upon them? Reflect and by all means share your thoughts through email or even in person!

Speaking of which, please join me and Liora this Wednesday morning, 8:30 – 9:00 for some coffee and some talk. We hope to repeat this through the year so that we can have opportunities to share ideas and thoughts.

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