Thank you!

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Thanksgiving is a time for showing gratitude. I would like to express gratitude to each of you; our SHA parents.

I was recently visiting in the New York area with our two sets of grandchildren, who are amazing – of course. That said, wow! I had forgotten the adroit coordination and synchronization it takes to get kids home from school, completing homework, into bed and then off to school in the morning – dressed and shod, armed with back packs, coats and lunches!

Wow. You are Super Heroes! Thank you for getting those kids on the bus or for arriving each day with smiles on your face and kids in tow!

I know – they are your kids – why should I thank you? Well, you need to hear it from someone; you’re working really hard and it shows. You are doing a superhuman job and you must be exhausted.

So, SHA Parents, thank you for all of the day-in-day-out commitment you have to your children and their Jewish education! You are terrific partners!

 Happy Thanksgiving

Queen of Katwe

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Have you ever had the experience walking out of a movie that your life will never be the same? I had that feeling walking out the film “Queen of Katwe.”

Perspective, friends; perspective!

We so take much of our lives for granted. We allow minor kerfuffles to rankle us. We, and I am saying, “we” – sweat the small stuff. We do not really deeply appreciate the blessings that we have in our lives – the simple ones. Water, food and shelter. Mostly I am asking myself – are we truly living up to our potential? Are we truly helping our children realize their potential?

The film tells the true story of a young girl, Phiona living in a slum in Uganda city of Kampala. Her days consist of selling maize and helping her mother take care of her siblings. They live in dire poverty. From this situation she rises to become, through the help of an amazing selfless teacher, the chess champion of Uganda. She goes from being illiterate to realizing her genius potential and then helping others.

The story is inspirational. Go see it and let’s talk.