Back from the UK & Israel


Natan Sharansky Lighting a Menorah Recovered form the Shoah

I am hoping that your winter break was restorative.

Mine was that and more; traveling to London and then to Israel was both educative and inspiring.


Menorah Being Set Up in Trafalgar Square

I visited three museums, spent time with family and attended a conference at Yad Vashem on The Shoah and Jewish Identity – attended by over 225 Jewish educators from 34 countries. It was thrilling to sit together with people from such diverse places and backgrounds all sharing a deep commitment to Jewish education and Jewish Peoplehood. There was much to learn. There was quite the line up; Rabbi Lau former Chief Ashkenzai Rabbi, Natan Sharansnksy, Refusenik, Isralei politician, Chair of the Jewish Agency, Irwin Cotler, former Attorney General of Canada, Yehuda Bauer, historian of the Shoah and many others. For now, I would like to highlight the words of Professor Sergio Della Pergola world renowned demographer author of “Jewish demographic Policies; Population Trends and Options. After many charts depicting Jewish population from before the Shoah up until the present across key Jewish population centers – his conclusion? The only way to address assimilation is through Jewish day school education. It was startling. I know I am preaching to the choir however – I am enlisting each of you – spread the word and never hesitate to bring a family to visit and then consider SHA.


Menorah on Corner of Ben Yehudah and Yaffo

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