Community !

I recently asked our 8th Graders, had to explain Judaism in a few words. There were a number of responses. One student replied, “community.”

That may not reflect all there is to Judaism but it was remarkably similar to the response offered by our sage Hillel, when asked to explain all of Judaism while standing on one foot.

Community is also one of our SHA values. SHA expects students to be Ready, Responsible and Respectful and to feel with Empathy, act with Kindness and build Community.

How can we build SHA community? Joining us for events…such as 8th Grade Dinner this Sunday evening, being a part of our Middle School Parent Ed Evening January 24th and coming to our Parent Coffee on Wednesday, February 1 in the morning.

It is also inviting fellow SHA families over for Shabbat and helping our students reach out to ALL the children in their class including them for play dates.

Oh and look for a PTO Saturday Evening Event for parents and children next month, February 11.

CommUNITY – it’s a lot of what Judaism is all about.


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