Reading Journal #28

Dear readers,

I am currently reading a book called, “The Book Thief” by: Markus Zusak.

Today, I would like to focus on ‘death’s (author)’ characterization piece. Here is a passage to explain a little bit about his character!|

“I am in all truthfulness trying to be cheerful about this whole topic, tough most people find themselves hindered in believing me, no matter my protestations. Please, trust me. I most definitely can be cheerful. I can be amiable. Agreeable. Affable. And that’s only the A’s. Just don’t ask me to be nice. Nice has nothing to do with me.”

The way the story is told is that death (the author) tells the story from his perspective (death watching). He explains how he sees life and how he helps take it away. Describing death is hard because he seems mean sometimes and sometimes he seems kind. For example, in the beginning of the story death talks about how he needs a vacation from seeing all the Holocaust survivors! But at the same time he also was so thoughtful and kind that he showed up to the ‘funeral’ of the 6 year old boy who died in the train.

Death thinks in a way that we could never possibly understand! After seeing thousands of people dying he has experienced what it’s like to have someone’s life taken away right in front of your eyes! It took me a while to understand it but now I do. When death said he needed a vacation from all the Holocaust survivors I think that he meant that he didn’t want to see them suffer anymore (didn’t want to watch them die) he wasn’t trying to be mean or rude! He thought in a way that again, we can’t really connect with because we are not death! all he wanted was to not see people suffer and die in front of him. He did not want to be the one to carry their souls away!




Reading Journal #27

Dear readers,

I currently finished reading a book called “I will always write back” by: Caitlin Alifiranka & Martin Ganda with Liz welch.

“As I was telling her about all my adventures, I saw that the girl who became my best friend in her letters was the women sitting right next to me in the car. I still couldn’t believe it. But i felt immediately at ease with her. Anne and Rich were asking questions from the front seat, smiling, so loving as well. She got this demeanor from both parents, I thought.”

This book was so interesting and exciting to read. I could not put it down! I found it so amazing that with every page I flipped there was a different story but the same theme! In every story there was a theme of being kind to each other and caring for one another. Although Martin had a tougher life then Caitlin, he was kind a listened to her stories and complaints; and that must have been hard since his life was so difficult! Even Caitlin, although she was a teenage girl with an amazing life she cared and was concerned for Martin’s education and safety. She send him money and helped him figure out what he had to do in some very difficult conversations.

It was so important for them to keep writing to each other. Even when Martin didn’t have enough money to use real paper to send a letter it was so important for him to send Caitlin a letter. So much, that he used an ice-cream wrapper to write his letter on! So, I really think that the big theme of this book is BE KIND, AND CARE ABOUT OTHERS!!!!!!!


Reading Journal #26

Dear readers,

I currently started reading the book ” I Will Always Write Back” by: Caitlin Alifirenka & Martin Ganda with Liz Welch.

” I’d never heard of Zimbabwe. But something about the way the name looked up on the blackboard intrigued me. It was exotic, and difficult to pronounce. It was also the last country in a long list that Mrs. Miller had written in chalk. She asked each student in my seventh-grade class to pick one place for a pen pal program our school was starting that year.”

So far in the book the theme is, Mrs. Miller wrote down names of places on the board. The reason for that was that their school was starting a program that each student had to choose the place they wanted, and whatever place they chose they would be assigned a student to talk to and send letters to. In this story the girl chooses a place called Zimbabwe and from there she gets a new relationship.

That is all I know so far in the book!

Thanks for reading!


Reading Journal #25

Dear Readers,

I am currently reading the book “Faceless” by: Alyssa Sheinmel.

So far in the book the main things that happen are pretty straight forward. In the beginning we meet Massie. Massie is a teenage girl who loves to run, goes to high school and has a boyfriend named Chirag. Later we find out that while Massie was running a tree near by was struck by lightning. The tree sets Massie on fire! Her face and body get severely burned! Massie is send to the hospital. There she has a plastic surgery to replace features on her face!

This is a passage from the book to explain the theme:

“” You look good,” Mom says finally. Great, You look great.”

It’s one of those hollow compliments she gives from time to time, like when I was in eighth grade and didn’t get cast in the school play. She was absolutely shocked, insisting that I was such a great actress-this, despite the fact that I’d never acted a day in my life before the audition.”

So far in the book I think that the theme is Massie trying to fit into her new life (A.K.A face). Ever since she got back home she has had to do physical therapy, while trying to adjust being with her friends again. Especially getting comfortable with Chirag again. Soon she is going to have to adjust to school and all of her old friends.


Reading Journal #24

Dear diary,

I currently read the book “Holocaust: Saviors – True Stories Of Rescuers That Saved Holocaust Refugees” by: Raymond Jennings.

“Humans are complicated species. On one hand, we are capable of creating impressive structures that can last for millennia and invent amazing things like no other species ever known. We can show Sympathy and kindness to fellow living beings. And yet, we can also cause widespread destruction without hesitation. We can be cruel, vain and downright evil. We really are a multifaceted species.”

I think that this passage really explains and shows ho good of a writer Raymond is. It really shows that he likes to make everything true and not say lies. He knows how to show both sides of the story. The good and bad! This really shows how he thinks in a way that people can relate to. He thinks that if he shows both sides that this kind of story would be more understandable. And he was right! Reading this first paragraph really got me thinking about the way are species works. He is a really clever man!



Chumash Homework assignment

Dear readers,

Q: who is Susan Eden  What was the role of her husband in the events of the late 1940’s in Israel?

A: Susan was the wife of a political officer and her husband was the ambassador.

Q:What was the Balfour Declaration mentioned in the first film?

A: It let the Jews have a homeland.

Q:When the UN finally took its vote what was the final score of countries who voted for or against a Jewish state?

A: 33 yes 13 no and 10 abstained.

Q:At the end of the film, Yehuda Avner says, regarding the British soldier, “now, we were all friends!” What role did the British government (mandate) have in Israel in the 1940’s, and how was that role going to change with the UN vote?

A: The British were the ones to rule Palestine at the time and when the vote passed the British did not rule the land anymore.

Q:Where is there a hint in the film that many Jews, both in and outside of Israel, saw what was happening as a sign of “redemption” and leading up to the coming of the Mashiach?

A:  They saw what was happening because they helped the Jews.

Ruth Stern was a volunteer from Boksburg, South Africa. She was talking about how Israel really had nothing and that they needed help from people with war experience. She talked about how when she came she got interviewed and they let her be a nurse. Once she got there a female soldier talked to her and put her hand around her and thanked her and told her how much this means to the Jewish Nation; Ruth said that, that was very encouraging. Ruth said that helping the Jews out was an amazing experience and that it really helped her connect to the Jewish Nation!


The diary of Maya the water Maya-cule

Maya the water Maya-cule


April 11, 2016

Dear diary,

This is my first entry! I am so excited! O.M.G you must think I am so rude for not introducing myself! Hi, my name is Maya. Maya Maya-cule. I am so sorry, I might make you wet. Right now I am a plain Maya-cule. I live in the prettiest place, the pond! I know it sounds plain and simple but it’s my home and I love it!

Oh, oh! My mommy and daddy just called me to have supper. Got to go! See you next time!

April 12, 2016

Dear diary,

Remember me? Maya? I know it might take you a while to remember my name but please try to! I hate when people get my name mixed up! It’s Maya the Maya-cule! Not anything else!

Anyway, I got this diary because my mom said that I am getting older and all sorts of stuff might happen to me! I might evaporate. I might get stuck in the ocean! And who knows what else! So I am going to write everyday so that I won’t forget anything that happens!

April 13, 2016

Dear diary,

It’s Maya again! You will not believe the juicy story I have for you. It all happened today, and not to a random molecule! It happened to me!


I started the day normally. I was just hanging around with all of my friends in the pond. We were playing. Then all the sudden out of nowhere it got really hot. Extremely hot. So hot that I eventually evaporated and ended up in a cloud. The cloud was fun and all, I met some friends. But I sure was happy when Molly and I fell out of the clouds as rain drops. It was so fun! I even got that feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I love that feeling!

Molly had to go back home so I decided to take a walk around the hood. I stopped to get some seaweed because I think it’s so fun to play with. Besides, I always see humans eat it. So weird! We molecules just use seaweed to play with. Anyway, when I gathered the right amount of seaweed and started to head home I got trapped in a Kelp plant!

April 14, 2016

Dear diary,

It took me a whole day to get out of the kelp plant but when I finally got out I evaporated and went back up to the cloud! Luckily I found a hammer that someone had left so I banged on the cloud really hard. When I finally broke out of the cloud I fell right into the stream. The stream took me back to the pond. I thought nothing else was going to happen but I was wrong!

A few minutes later a strong stream came out of nowhere and rushed me into the ocean. I know this sounds silly, but although I am a maya-cule I do not know how to swim! I got stuck on this animal. I’m pretty sure it was a seahorse. It felt bumpy!

-2 hours later-

I finally managed to get out so I waited for the stream to carry me back home! When I got back home everybody was waiting for me. They all wanted to hear about my adventure! Now, you see why I wanted to record everything in this diary. Exactly for things like this! I had so much fun with this adventure! And I hope you also had fun! See you next time!???????????