Newspaper Report

Navi Profile

Choose someone that we have learned about this year.  You will be spending a number of classes working on this project – so choose wisely!

Your Navi profile should be saved in a document, either in  google docs or in word on your computer.  See below for details – sometimes you will be able to write directly in the document or cut and paste from another place – and sometimes you may need to provide a link for me.  All pieces of your assignment should live in one document though and be emailed to me only upon completion.  (In other words, do not send me pieces as you go. )

To create your Navi profile please complete the following

  • Three diary entries

Each entry must be about a separate day or occasion and be at least 8 sentences. At least one of the entries must have a quote from the Navi.

  • Facebook profile page

Click on the link below and you will find a fake facebook profile of JFK.  Edit the slide so that it accurately represents your person.  You can be creative and add things the Navi does not tell us – but it must be in line with what we know about this person’s personality etc. (Make sure you rename and save as you go!)

  • One storyboard

Go to and create a ‘comic-strip’ like we did earlier with Avshalom and Chushai (if either of those are the person you chose, yes, you  must do another one!).  You do not need to make an account – but if you do you will be able to save your work, if not you will have to finish it one period.  When you are done, you can email it to yourself by taking a snippet of it.  If you don’t know how to do that – ask someone in your class who does to help.

  • Create a kahoot

Create a kahoot relating to your person, what they have done etc.  The kahoot must be at least 15 questions.  In order to ‘share’ with me – record your kahoot name and the name of this kahoot.  To create a kahoot go to

  • Acrostic Poem

Create an acrostic poem with your person’s name.  If you would like some examples, google!

  • Fake Tweet

Create three fake tweets using this site To share with me take a screen shot and save or use snippet.

  • Write a letter

Write a letter to David.  The letter must include:

How they know each other

Reference an interaction together (at least one!)

How this person was significant in his life

If he has any regrets…

Something positive about their relationship

His hopes for this person (or what he would have hoped for them had        they not done x, y or z)

An interesting joke or story (can be made up, but most be something that       fits his personality).

If your person is David, write a letter to anyone you want – in the Navi –      including the same elements, from David.

  • Meme Maker!

Use to create a meme related to your person.  Save link to your product.

  • Optional: (You must do this last)

Draw a picture – or create one online – of what you think this person might have looked like.

Fake Phone Texts

Use this site to create a conversation between David and someone of your choosing.  However, the conversation must include all important information in psukim א – ה in פרק יח.

Feel free to be creative!

Map Time!

Please indicate the following on your map.  You can use various colors or different lines (dotted, squigly, straight etc.) to indicate the various routes/spots.

  1. Avshalom’s journey
  2. David’s journey
  3. Journey of Yonatan and Achima’atz
  4. Journey of Chushai
  5. Circle any place that the Navi mentions (between perek 15 pasuk 1 and perek 17 pasuk 29) AND write the perek, pasuk next to each name.  (If mentioned more than once, you can just write one of them.)

Create a key to indicate which color/line represents which journey.


Go to storyboardthat (make an account).  Create a comic strip based on the conversation that Avshalom had with Achitofel OR the conversation Avshalom had with Chusai.

Five point plan

Based on the psukim we just learned – pull out  the five essential  elements of Achitofel’s plan.  According to the Abarbaneel there were five key steps that he felt were necessary  for  success.  What were they?

Act it out!

Read  פסוקים א – יד

Summarize the points in a googledoc and share with  me – or you can email me.  OR – if you have excellent handwriting you can write it out.

Join a group (with assistance from teacher) and act out what you have just learned.

Strategies List

You have come across a list on Avhsalom’s bedside table – amazingly written in both Hebrew (exact quotes from the Navi!) and in English entitled ‘Strategies of Avshalom to Win Over People of Israel’.  

Work in pairs (yes! pairs!) to create this list.  Make sure it is inclusive, written neatly and feel free to be creative if it doesn’t veer from the facts!

Acrostic Poem

Step one: Make a list of everything you know about Avshalom.  (Show to Mrs. Weiss)

Step two: Brush up on your knowledge of Acrostic Poetry: sample one  sample two

Step three: Attempt an acrostic poem about Avshalom.  Make it informative, neat and creative!


 Write a Letter

Write a letter as Avshalom to his family back in G’shur letting them know what he’s upto.


Write one paragraph on one thing we’ve learned this year.



Create an invitation on paperless post or on evite – as if you were Avshalom inviting your brothers (or just Amnon) to the sheep shearing.  You must have at least one quote from the Navi.  Also, if possible hint at Avshalom’s true intentions without outright saying them (obviously!)

Make it informative be creative!

Make a Mashal

Pick any story in the Tanach where someone did something wrong.  Create a story where someone comes to them, tells them a parable about that ‘episode’ and predict/decide how they would react.

Map Time

Once you understand the פסוקים, map out the battle on the map(s).

Make sure you depict, in detail, the sequence of events as they occurred in the Navi.  Use markers or colored pens/pencils to show the different sides.

Feel free to use more than one map, if that is easier for you.

Pick your Pasuk

Each student will have 2 or 3 psukim to master.  You must be able to read, translate and explain those psukim to your classmates.  You may use visuals, the board etc.  If there are questions on those psukim, make sure to highlight them.

Marriage Counseling

Clearly David and Michal need some expert guidance. They have come to see a marriage counselor (me.)
Your job is to pick either David or Michal and write out your argument for why you are ‘the right one’.  You can write this out neatly or type it up and print it.  If time allows, we will read them aloud.
Make sure to include:
  • The facts leading up to the argument
  • Your side – how you see things and why
  • What the other person feels/thinks and why they are wrong.
Remember to be respectful :-).  No need for name calling, but it’s okay if you come across as upset in your argument.

 Meme Maker


Newspaper Article

Use this link to create a newspaper article on the story of Rachav and Ba’anah.

Court Scene

4 students represent David in a court case – showing he had the right to put the messenger to death.

4 students represent the Messenger in a court case – showing he was wrongfully put to death – meaning he did have the right to help Shaul kill himself.

Breaking News

Use this site to come up with a ‘breaking news’ scene – related to death of Shaul or David becoming King – or people of Yavesh Gilead rescuing Shaul’s body.

News Desk

In groups of 3 (or 4) write a script and then report (with one live in field) about the battle at the pool between Yoav and his men and Avner and his men.


In pairs of 2 (or 3) write a blog diary entry for either Avner, Yoav or Asahel.  Make into a video blog.  Time allowing, we will watch each others.

Quiz Questions

Create a mock-quiz for perek bet and perek gimmel (the part we’ve learned together).  Make sure to cover all of the important facts/concepts that we learned.  Your quiz should include 2 – 5 multiple choice questions, 2 – 5 T/F statements, 2 – 5 short answer questions and at least one extra credit question.  On a separate piece of paper you must also submit the answers to these questions.  Make sure your work is neat.