Readers Journal 20


I read I Will Always Write Back by Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda.

My favorite part of the book was when they met each other. I liked it because it showed that even though they had never met they still loved each other. I really liked how Caitlin tried so hard for Martin to be able to go to college that was very sweet. I felt really bad for Martin because he couldn’t afford food or school. I was very happy for him when he was able to go to his new school.


Shoshana 🙂

Alzheimer’s Disease (Genetics Disorder)



Cause of Genetic Disorder or Disease:

For most people Alzheimer’s is caused by combinations of genetic lifestyle and environmental factors that will affect the brain over a period of time

How a person inherits the disease:

A person will inherit the disease if one or two people have had it in their family. It is more likely to get it if two people in your family have had it.


Depression, Mood swings, Loss of inhibitions

How many individuals get the disease:

19 and up. It is not very likely to get it at such a young age but it is possible. Most people get at 60 and up.

Quick Facts:

The youngest age to get it is 19 but it is very rare. Alzheimer’s has no cure yet. When you get Alzheimer’s most of your long term memory’s get destroyed. It is the most common type of Dementia. It worsens over time.

5 things I found interesting:

That people can get it at as young of an age as 19 (but very rare). Scientists still don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s. It accounts for 60% to 70% of dementia. A person’s brain just shrinks. People with early onset Alzheimer’s a genetic mutation is usually the cause.  

What Would You Do If…


You have your best friend’s wedding to go to but you have to do a quick errand at a store. Your friend asked you to be there super early in a certain amount of time. So you are getting out of your car at Safeway to get a few balloons for the wedding and you see an elderly man carrying two bags of groceries that look very heavy and it looks like he is definitely struggling but no one will help him. Everyone is either ignoring him or just doesn’t care. What do you do?

I asked a few people what they would do in this situation and here are some of their responses.

“I would quickly help the man and if his car is far away I would still help because it’s just the nice thing to do. Depending on the time I would have to get to the wedding I would just tell my friend that I needed to help someone and hopefully she would understand.”

I think what that person said was a really wonderful and kind thing to do. She understands that she has her friend’s wedding to go to but she also understands that an old man needs a lot of assistance. So she decides to go and help him really fast. The only thing that could backfire is if there is a lot of traffic or she is just late. I understand why she chose to do that but I think she also took a big risk.

And another person said,

“I would help him, I bet it would only take a minute or two to help him. But if I was really late and was in a HUGE rush I would probably not even see him but if I did I would.”

This was a very sincere answer. This person obviously thought about the scenario very clearly. The difference between this one and the first one is that this person said that if they couldn’t help then they can’t help which is totally okay in my opinion. This person also brought up that they may not see him which is also another good way to think about.

I asked another person,

“I would help him and then tell my friend it was an emergency and she would probably understand.”

I agree that the friend will probably understand but there is a slight chance that she may have an emergency and she needs you or she would be upset and offended that she said an exact time and you didn’t come but that is not very likely if it were ever to happen.

Another person said:

“I would ask someone I see who looks trustworthy and say can you help this man I am in a rush.”

This answer is very interesting because unlike the other answers this person would ask someone else for help in this situation which I didn’t really think about. It’s a respectable answer and it’s a very respectable thing to do because you are not going to be late to the wedding and you can get what you need from the store all on time. I am happily surprised that someone came up with this answer because I don’t think I would have thought of it myself and it is very clever and the right thing to do.

These things all have something in common. The fact that no one is leaving the old man to carry his groceries himself. I think that this shows that just because no one else is helping him doesn’t mean that you can’t spend a minute of your time helping the man.

Another response was:

“I would definitely help him and tell my friend what happened and that I’d be a little late because he needed help and it won’t be the end of the world if you’re 10 minutes later then expected.”

This is a very similar response to the other ones but in this one she is saying that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if she came a  little late. In the other ones people said that there friend would understand but this one has a slight twist to it.

My response was:

“I would very quickly help the old man, call my best friend and tell her that i would be 5 minutes late and make sure to come as fast as  could without speeding.”

I would do that because I would want to let my friend know that i would be a few minutes late or else she would be a little stressed because she wouldn’t know where i was but since i would call her and tell her she would know

In conclusion now I know that a majority people would help the old man and then go as fast as they could back to the wedding. I feel that all these responses are very helpful and nice but hey are not all really thinking abut how your best friend would actually feel.  

Now what would you do?

You have your best friend’s wedding to go to but you have to do a quick errand at a store. Your friend asked you to be there super early in a certain amount of time. So you are getting out of your car at Safeway to get a few balloons for the wedding and you see an elderly man carrying two bags of groceries that look very heavy and it looks like he is definitely struggling but no one will help him. Everyone is either ignoring him or just doesn’t care. What do you do?

Nothing I don’t care
I would just help it’s not a big deal
I would look for someone trustworthy to help and then ask them to help him
I would help and then call and tell my friend I will be a little late
I would call my friend and ask her if i would be okay if I was late
I wouldn’t help if I was in a huge rush

IQ Test

Navi Class (Avshalom’s perspective)


Dear Diary

I don’t really know what to do.  The fact that Amnon did that awful thing to Tamar 2 years ago I still will never forgive him. I need to get revenge, somehow. I got it I will tell my servants to kill him! How will i get him to come??? Maybe I should invite all the brothers over so then it wouldn’t be weird to invite Amnon. Should I ask David to come. Oh i will ask David o come and i know he will say no so when he says no i will just invite Amnon and my servants will  kill him.




Dear Diary,

I just asked David if he wanted to come and it went just as planned. I am now going to invite Amnon to come sheep sheering with all the brothers. This is perfect I will have to tell Tamar what happens after. Okay this is going down perfectly. Now all I need to do is wait and see how this turns out, I can’t wait. Tamar will be so happy or at least I will be.




Dear Diary,

I did it! everything worked out. Right after everyone ran away it was great. Now everyone is mourning but I really don’t care at all. I shoot I forgot to tell Tamar. Well maybe  shouldn’t tell her. I’ll thing about it… My favorite part was when he fell to the ground because then I knew all the torture fro Tamar was over. It was the best feeling ever and I can’t believe it worked. The only thing  regret was that I wish I killed him not the servants.



Readers Journal 20 (The Maze Runner)


I am reading the Maze Runner by James Dashner.

I think that the conflict in this book is Thomas and the Glade. I think this because he was really scared when he first came and is really confused. When he came he said that he was so confused and that he didn’t know why all he could remember was his name. he wished that he could go back to his old life but he can’t remember it.I think that he will grow to the Glade but for now he is just confused and wants to leave.



The Zika Virus


The Zika virus has been spreading. It has been found that if you have Zika and you are pregnant then your child is most likely to have a condition called microcephaly. This condition makes their head very small and have deformed brains. They are not positive that this could be caused by Zika. Most people who have been diagnosed with Zika and who were pregnant have mostly had that happen to their kids. The mosquito has carried the virus around the world. It has been found in  the Americas, Brazil  and Mexico.

Readers Journal 19 (Mockingjay)


I am reading Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

I think the conflict in he book is Katniss and the capital. She really has to work her way up and find out he she has to be. The capital is fighting hard so i think she needs to try and fight harder. When she went to district 8 and they started bombing, I think she should have been ready for it and she should expect the unexpected just in case something really bad might happen.