RJ 28

The Secret Language of Sisters

by: Luanne Rice

“She wore a white sweater and a bunch of necklaces, a gold one with a cross, and chains with little tin charms on them: a winged heart, another cross, a dolphin, a skull, a praying girl, and also a pendant Roo had given her, with two pressed violets encased in a glass circle”

this week I’m focusing characterization. The character in the quote is Roo’s best friend and she is very religious. Roo is in a coma and Tilly is observing Isabel(the character) pray over her body. The quote tells me about how she dresses and looks, giving me the vision of her being really religious. I really like this book and I hope Roo makes it.

RJ 27

Sweet denial

by: Nancy S. Alton

I found an article and decide to write about it this week. It’s mostly about our intake of sugar, how it affects us, and how we can fix it. Most of the time we are grabbing quick snacks before heading out the door right? Over the years eating has gone from a nice homemade meal at the table to a fast food in the car on the way home or to some other place. These quick to go foods are so much worse for you than a nice homemade meal. The article suggests that you start small like one homemade healthy meal per week maybe on the weekends. Other things you can do is replace things in your kitchen from packaged food to fresh food that you can cook with. Also watching your beverage intake will help because there is a lot of sugar in soda’s and other sweet drinks.

Current Events 5

Is it fair to charge men and women different prices for similar items?

There was a study done that showed a man and a women who bought similar outfits and the girls outfit was $80 more expensive than the mans outfit. They found out that women are more willing to spend more money while shopping than men are. The store owners say that they charge women a bit more for there clothes to bring in a bit more money. Some contradict it and say that they charge more because its more money to make them. I think that it should be a bit more expensive for girls because its harder to create and clean a blouse that is delicate than a guys business shirt.

Gemara Blog Entry

R. Eliezer…

He believes that it’s the work that goes into the mitzvah that shows the level of serving Hashem. He also belives that if you could bring the knife over before Shabbat you can’t bring it during Shabbat. The stages leading up to the actual mitzvah counts to the mitzvah.


A person concerned with his/her health money wise is not proper. A person should be concerned with there soul and connecting to Hashem. You should be thinking about serving Hashem whatever you do.

3 ways to be in my life…

  • I will be cautious about what I do and don’t do on Shabbat
  • I will try to serve G-d in any way I can
  • I can influence others to serve Hashem

RJ 26

In Darkness

by: Nick Lake

This week I’m focusing on theme. I think the theme of this next part of the story is “Am I dreaming?” the chapter that I just finished reading is about a dream that the boy under the hospital is having. He dreams that he is floating out of where he’s trapped to find weird things going on outside. He’s not sure if what he’s seeing is actually happening. I have two ideas. One is that its actually happening and people are confused. The second thing is that this is a flash from the past connecting with the other half of the book.

Current Events 3


Tornadoes are very fast and dangerous churning columns of air. A group of meteorologist were chasing a tornado near Simla, Colorado. it was getting bigger as it neared them. These kinds of tornadoes usually happen during sping through mid summer. They tend to start up in plain regions and when the weather is hot. I think this was an interesting article about tornadoes. I learned a lot about how they work and where they occur. I think its cool that the tornado just missed the house that one of the meteorologists where staying at.

Science Project – Genetic Disease

Huntington’s Disease


Huntington’s disease is found on chromosome number 4. A regular copy of the gene produces a regular amount of Huntingtin which is a protein. The irregular gene is bigger than usual and produces more Huntingtin.


It only takes one irregular gene from either parts of the family for the child to inherit Huntington’s disease.


  • Personality changes
  • Forgetfulness
  • Slurred speech
  • weight loss
  • uncontrollable movement


5-10 out of 100,000 people get Huntington’s disease.

Fun Facts

  • In %90 of cases the disease is seen in people who are 30-50 years old
  • There are medications to manage symptoms
  • The aggressive treatment helps people to remain productive for longer
  • Huntington’s disease attacks nerve cells over time

My response – what I learned

I learned a lot about the disease. Huntington’s disease effects the nerves and is hard to take care of. I also learned that the disease occurs a bit later in life and gets worse over time. It’s also quite rare and has no cure documented.







RJ 25

In Darkness

by: Nick Lake

I just started reading this book and it hasn’t really kicked off yet. The first part of the story is about a boy who is trapped under a hospital that has experienced a earth quake. He talks a lot about what he’s feeling and then he starts to go off into his life story. I think the theme of that first part was “scared of the dark”. He is in the dark running out of life and he is afraid so I thought this theme really fit this part of the story. Another thing is that he is also afraid for his sister. I really hope he gets out.

What Would You Do If?

What would you do if you found out that your best friend told someone your deepest secret? Let’s say you were going over to your friend’s house and they told you that your other friend told them your deepest secret. Would you be angry? Would you confront your friend? Or would you just brush it off? What if the secret was embarrassing? What if your friend told more than one person?

I asked three people what they would do and here are their answers…

Anonymous 1:

“First, I would unfriend them because I will not be around those kinds of people. I would probably get really angry and make them feel guilty by sending them guilt texts. Then to finish it off, I would leave them on edge by not returning their texts or calls so that they will feel sorry for what they did.”

My response:

I think that this is a reaction that is probably close to a lot of people’s reactions but it’s also not the best. First, using a device of any kind is a bad idea, it’s better to be face to face. I agree with unfriending them because you have to draw the line somewhere.

Anonymous 2:

“I would be very angry at my friend and I probably wouldn’t forgive them. If it was a very close friend I would be even more angry but a  little more forgiving. I would definitely ignore the person for at least a week to show them that what they did was not okay.”

My response:

This is a bit more of a direct reaction than Anonymous 1. I still don’t think it’s a good idea to ignore the person but I see what Anonymous 2 is getting at. I would mostly try to figure out why they would do such a thing.

Anonymous 3:

“I would cry and never want to go to school again. After that all I would do is hold my head up high and just ignore them. I would also block the person on every social media. I would confront them about their behavior and then ignore them and hope that the secret doesn’t become a rumor.”

My response:

I think that this was an interesting response. I think it’s good that Anonymous 3 would confront the person about his/her behavior and avoid them because I don’t think its a good to hang out with those kinds of people.


I see from these people that most of them would be upset but confront the person to let them know that what they did wasn’t okay. There was also a lot about blocking or ignoring the person on social media. The responses were very similar to what I would do. What would you do? Answer in the padlet below: