Readers journal- 28 characterization

Dear reader,

In my book The Trails Of Apollo Apollo has changed a lot through out the course of the book. For example, At the begging he would just send kids to do his dirty work because he is to scared because he can die now. Also, his friend got captured and there were a bunch of giant ants that could kill him but he still rescued her.Lastly, he feels regret for how he was before and before he never owned up to his bad actions.

Whale watching questions

1.My favorite thing about whale watching was seeing the whales.

2.I would like to learn what Porpoises eat?

3.I really liked watching the whales and it made me think about the real life for the animals and how they have to hunt to stay alive.

4.What are the big differences in the different tipes of whales?

5.I think the value of going whale watching was to see the real life of the whales and other water animals so it really gives us the best understanding of what the real life of the ocean is.

Readers journal 27- characterization

Dear readers,

I am reading the trails of Apollo.And Apollo is very self centered.For example in the book he says more like he thinks “Can we get back to the more important topic me.”I think he is very self centered because he is used to  being a god and all the people giving him sacrifices and people doing things doing things for him because they are scared of them but now he is a human and nobody is scared of him and nobody is treating him like a god.

Science climate regions

                       Marine west coast

1.Marine west coast is in the pacific north west of america and in Oregon and Washington.

2.The ranges of temperature is very temperate so it is really like we only have 2 seasons winter and summer.The precipitation is very different in different regions so it ranges from 30in to 98in.

3. The latitude range is higher middle.

4. The characteristics of the marine west coast are temperate and very wet.It looks very green.Mostly the plants that are there are evergreen trees,Seder,pine and redwood trees too. The marine west coast has a variety of birds like eagles and also small mammals.

Chumash video

When I was listening I herd 5 different mini songs.In the first song the part about the exodus was that we were slaves and to go out you need to been held captive or not free for that to be significant.In the second song it talked about Moshe and how he was sent into the river and if that didn’t happen he wouldn’t have lived.In the next song it was about Moshe thinking what to do if he should strike the Egyptian or not which led him into being a leader and if we didn’t have a leader we wouldn’t have left Egypt because god wouldn’t do everything.In the next song it showed the plagues. the next it showed how we are free. my favorite part was the plagues because it showed how annoying the plagues were for the Egyptians. I don’t think this could prepare me for the seder.

Readers Journal -21-conflict again

Dear Reader,

In my book there is a lot of conflict the conflict I found was Character vs self. The Character was fight an allusionest  so he couldn’t believe what he saw.For example, he saw who he thought was dead but he didn’t know if it was actually her.You could imagine it would be very annoying because they were fighting so they didn’t even know who they were actually fighting.