Washington State History

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RJ 27

Dear readers, the book I am currently reading “The Boys in the Boat” is a great read. Today I will be showing theme.

Quote: “But it wasn’t until he tried to talk about “the boat” that tears really welled up in his bright eyes.”

I think the theme of this book is the boat. The reason I think this is the theme of the book is because there are instances throughout the book where the  Author talks about the rowers (of the boat) becoming one with eachother and the boat.



            Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is caused by a genetic mutation in a gene called NF1 Normally, the NF1 gene is responsible for producing a protein that helps regulate the growth of nerve tissue but when you have NF1 disease your NF1 gene doesn’t work correctly.

Around half of the cases of NF1 is inherited by the mutated gene being passed down from parent to their child.

The symptoms of NF1 are the following Brown spots on the skin, freckling in the armpits or groin area, tiny bumps one the iris of your eye, soft bumps on or under the skin, bone deformities, tumor on the optic nerve, larger than average heads and short stature.

One in three thousand people can get NF1. NF1 is the most common neurological disorder caused by a single gene. Each child of an affected parent has a 50% chance of inheriting the gene and developing NF. The type of NF inherited by the child is always the same as that of the parent who got it, although the severity of the disease may be different from person to person within a family.




RJ 22

Dear readers, the book I am currently reading “The Rangers Apprentice” is a very good book (so far). Today I will be focusing on setting.

Quote: “A jumble of rugged granite cliffs, tumbled boulders and icy mountains. Of sheer gorges and steep narrow passes. Of gravel and rock, with never a tree sign or green to break the monotony.”

I think that this quote is a good example of setting.

What Would You Do If?

What would you do if your brother asked you to help him pull off major heist (to steal the biggest Diamond in the world)   and if he gets caught its prison for life but you know that no matter how much you try to stop him he will still try do this heist, Also the police said if you tell them who is trying to steal this diamond he will only be sentenced to twenty years in prison but if you help him there is a very small chance that you will succeed and you will both be rich for life.

Tell me the truth. Would you try to help him? Would you try to stop him knowing that it won’t work or would you join him?

I asked three people this question and here are their answers.

Answer 1: “I would try to stop him by any means necessary even if I had to break his leg to stop him.”

        It may not look like it but I think that the person who wrote this answer probably cares for his brother the most. By saying that I would even break his leg to make sure that he doesn’t go to jail means that he loves his brother.

Answer 2: “I would join him and try to be rich for life, so rich that I could buy anything I want. Because I could be rich.”

        Really I wasn’t so shocked to hear this answer because the words “Rich for life” sounds very good so even if there is only a small chance of success people will still try.

Answer 3: “I would never ever help him I would stop him even if I have to lock him in a room.”

        This answer is very similar to the first answer both of them involve extreme ways to stop him from committing the crime. Though this answer is a bit less painful for the brother.

        Overall I think that these are some good answers I’m also glad that nobody decided to tell the police because that would have just been cruel. 

Do you agree with these answers. What would you do in this situation. Answer it in a comment.



Everyone  believed that Abshalom had killed all of his brothers but me I am smarter than that I know that Abshalom only hates Amnon. When I tell David he will be so happy with me, he might even reward me.

RJ 21

Dear readers, the book I am currently reading “Five Kingdoms Death Weavers” is a pretty intense book. If you are into action then this is the book for you. This week I will be doing characterization.

Quote: “As I hesitated to round the bend i turned around and saw my imprint standing there, “Don’t worry I got this!”.

Just to clarify Cole (the Main character) had just left a cave where when you leave it makes a photo copy of you so when a his Imprint (his copy) is being brave it shows his that he is also brave.

RJ 20

Dear readers, the book I am currently reading “The Prince of Mist” is a great book of mystery and suspense. This week I will be focusing on setting.

Quote: Their new home was spread over two floors, stood some fifty meters from the beach, and was surrounded by a garden with a white fence that was in badly need of a fresh coat of paint. The house itself was built of wood and, with the exception of the dark roof, was also  painted white and seemed to be in a reasonably good shape.

I believe that this is a good example of setting. I also think that Max, the main character, isn’t so excited to be moving to a new home because he liked his life before. If I were Max  I would be excited to live in a house by the beach.