Dear readers,

It is the last times that will be writing to you an my books for the year so i will leave you off with this when you read

a book and think that wow i with i could do that or make that  or see that and say that you will never see it I SAY THAT YOU ARE YONG SO GO DO IT WILE YOU ARE YONG .

From philosophical ? this is Neck Snapper

water story

It was a ordinary day at the academy and I just ate one  of my famous steeeev sandwiches .Then a huge wind came from inside my class room in the lungs and heated me up and I went to the cloud  it was a hot wind and I got a lot of energy    .

Then one of my students that got cot in the wind said he herd that when it gets cold you can go to parts unknown. Then the unthinkable happens is starts getting cold then I feel like I gain weight

And I fell at about 30,000 feet.

I woke up in a big party of water molecules I mean 1,000,000 of 1,000,000 . I stay at the top of the party where it is low key .Then it  then it starts to get hot not again but when I go up . I stay in the hotel  up high .

Then take a plane to the mountain .Then my plane crashes then I start rolling down the  mountain and  I hit a steam  train .

Then I got drink by a big thing and leaked to a train steams and to the party then to thecoud